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11 Vegetarian Cheese Brands You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

by Gloria Louden

A vegetarian diet requires some sacrifices, and sometimes you might find yourself wondering if you will ever be able to eat some of your favorite foods again. For example, you might be a vegetarian who loves cheese, but also wants to avoid the animal-derived rennet found in most of them. Well, don’t worry — I have compiled a list of the most delicious vegetarian cheese brands that you can find in your nearest supermarket or online.

1. Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart offers a whole assortment of vegan and vegetarian cheeses: mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, and cheddar. Whether sliced or shredded, these cheeses are sure to add a sprinkle of Italian taste to every dish you make. The brand seems to know that Italian taste is its selling-point, so it prepared a nice Pizzeria Blend that hits just right when added to a pizza.

On top of this, some of these cheeses are dairy and gluten-free. No matter what your diet is, choosing to Follow Your Heart won’t be a mistake.

2. Boar’s Head

If you prefer a brand with a long-standing tradition of cheese-making, Boar’s Head might be to your taste. It has produced delicacies since 1905 and it currently has twenty-two types of vegetarian cheese to offer. Are you a fan of American cheese? You’ll find it on Boar’s Head’s website, along with all additional information about its country of origin and ingredients.

For some extra fun, you can check which beverages are paired up with different cheeses. For example, American goes best with pale ale. Maybe you could try them out together and see whether you agree?

3. Yancey’s Fancy

This New York-based brand prides itself on originality and inventiveness, but more importantly, it makes great cheddar cheese! All of their products are vegetable-based, except the Pepperoni Cheddar. Still, you can find several different kinds of handcrafted cheddar and cheese curds that will suit your diet perfectly.

And if you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can try Yancey’s flavored cheeses. The ones that caught my eye are Champagne Cheddar and — though I would hesitate to try it — Wasabi Cheddar. How did they come up with that idea, I wonder?

4. Philadelphia

But what about vegetarian cream cheese lovers, you may ask? Well, Philadelphia’s got your back! You can choose from their variety of delicious cream cheeses that you can spread on your bread or put in a sandwich for a richer taste. All of their cheeses have a vegetarian tag, so you can pick any that suits your tastes.

5. Vermont Creamery

Here is a brand that specializes in goat cheeses. Aside from normal mild goat cheese, Vermont Creamery offers a wide variety of flavored cheeses. So you can find delicacies such as Clover Blossom Honey Goat Cheese or Wild Blueberry, Lemon & Thyme Goat Cheese. If that sounds interesting, head over to their website and see what other kinds you can buy.

6. Good & Gather

Maybe you don’t want anything too fancy, though. You might just need a bit of shredded mozzarella for a pizza night with your friends. Or maybe you don’t have the time or the energy to scour the internet for the perfect vegetarian cheese. In that case, your local Target has just what you need.

Good & Gather is Target’s largest brand that sells food and beverages of all kinds, among which you will find a selection of cheeses. They offer all sorts — pizza blends, different kinds of cheddar, mozzarella, string cheese, and Swiss cheese. It’s an affordable vegetarian brand, and it might just be exactly what you need.

7. Organic Valley

Wisconsin is particularly famous for its cheese, so it would be in order to introduce a brand from America’s Dairyland. As the name suggests, all Organic Valley cheeses are organic, and since 2010, most of them have been vegetarian. You can’t go wrong with this brand, no matter what type of cheese you choose. That said, I’d recommend their tasty and fun string cheese, which makes for a great addition to your meal or a healthy snack.

On the other hand, you might be more of a feta kind of person. In that case, Organic Valley has versatile feta crumbles, which you can sprinkle on your salad or add to any meal to get that salty, creamy taste.

8. Horizon Organic

Another organic option with 100% vegetarian cheeses is Horizon Organic. The delightful cottage cheese on offer comes in two varieties — normal and low-fat. But even if you’re not a fan of cottage cheese, you can still buy shredded mozzarella, cheddar, or Mexican-style cheese, as well as sliced American. However, this versatile brand doesn’t stop at cheese — it also offers sour and whipping cream, milk, eggs, and butter.

9. Stella Cheese

Blue cheese is something of a controversial topic — either you love it, or you find it disgusting. For those of you who love it and those of you who are curious about trying it, Stella Cheese has rich, vegetarian blue cheese. Its delightful taste might convince even those of you who don’t find it appetizing to change your mind.

This cheese is crumbly, tangy and perfect for salads, grilled meat, or even side dishes served with fruit and desserts. Just a slice of it and you will find yourself in a French bistro, sipping a glass of wine as the sound of an accordion fill the air.

10. Happy Farms

Who doesn’t love spreadable cheese? Whenever you feel hungry, but don’t want a whole meal, you can simply spread some of this cheese on a toast. It’s delicious, easy to make, and convenient. And you can find some of the best vegetarian spreadable cheese in your local Aldi.

Aldi’s spreadable cheese comes from its brand Happy Farms. You can choose between three types: Sharp Cheddar, Port Wine, and Swiss Almond. But Happy Farms offers other kinds of cheese, such as Gouda, Colby Jack, and Pepper Jack, different varieties of shredded cheese, and many, many more!

11. Daiya

Last but not least, Daiya promotes plant-based and dairy-free living, and their cheeses are produced with these two things in mind. It promises a creamy and rich taste and products that make you feel healthy and good. Daiya is also free of allergens and suitable even for those who can’t or won’t eat dairy and animal-based products.

Daiya offers all kinds of beautifully-packaged shreds, slices, and blocks of cheese. It is also the right place to buy cream cheese, and if you are a snacking type — Daiya has the cheese sticks for you.

How To Choose The Right Brand

Now that you have seen all these brands, you might feel overwhelmed by all the options. But there is no right or wrong choice — all of these brands can offer quality and variety, and it all comes down to your personal taste. Research them further and compare the prices, the offers, and cheese sorts. Try out several different brands and vegetarian cheese types, until you hit upon the right one.

And even when you do, don’t hesitate to try others as well. With so many options for vegetarian cheese out there, you’re guaranteed to find something to your liking and never get bored!

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