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3 Best Vintage and Retro Kitchen Styles For Your New Kitchen Renovation

Uncover the best vintage kitchen designs for your next kitchen renovation

If you are looking to create a characterful vintage-style kitchen within your home but don’t know where to start, we have a list of three of the best vintage kitchen styles that are perfect for your next kitchen renovation. Whether you are struggling with kitchen design ideas or just don’t quite know what to choose this list will help you uncover some incredible kitchen styles that are bound to blow your mind!

Discover traditional and vintage bespoke kitchen designs that are guaranteed to provide your home with character and flavour that is assured to add value to your property as well as satisfy your requirements for a classy yet innovative kitchen design. 

The three vintage kitchen styles on this list are all very different from one another with some providing a modern twist on a classic design whereas other kitchen styles throw it back to previous generations giving you a sense of comfort and nostalgia with your new kitchen design.

A vintage kitchen style brings a sense of comfort and nostalgia to your home bringing back memories of wholesome times and a happy childhood. From quirky and stand-out appliances to rustic, metallic kitchen units, it is fair to say that a vintage kitchen design is something that is quirky and stands out from the typical modern kitchen in this modern day. 

Join us as we explore three of the best vintage and retro kitchen styles that you can look to add to your home for your next kitchen renovation. 

The three best vintage and retro kitchen styles 

The three best and most popular vintage and retro kitchen styles that people are currently installing in their homes are the following:

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen
Victorian Vintage Kitchen
Retro Diner Inspired Kitchen 

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

A mid-century modern kitchen refers to a design style that emerged during the mid-20th century, roughly from the 1940s to the 1960s. It’s characterized by a combination of functional simplicity, clean lines, and a focus on integrating nature and modern technology. This design movement sought to bring a sense of optimism and innovation to the post-World War II era.

Key features include:

• Flat-panel Cabinets: Cabinets with simple, flat-panel doors often in natural wood tones or bold colors.

• Clean Lines: Clean, geometric lines in both furniture and appliances, creating a streamlined appearance.

• Atomic Age Accents: Incorporation of atomic-inspired patterns and shapes in tile, wallpaper, and decor.

• Colour Palette: Bright, bold colours like turquoise, orange, and avocado green, along with neutrals like white and grey.

• Natural Materials: Use of materials like wood, metal, and glass for a mix of textures.

• Hairpin Legs: Furniture and table legs often feature iconic hairpin designs.

• Retro Appliances: Vintage-style appliances with modern functionality and retro aesthetics

Victorian Vintage Kitchen

A Victorian vintage kitchen draws inspiration from the design elements and aesthetics of the Victorian era, which spanned from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century. This era was characterized by ornate details, rich materials, and a sense of romanticism. Incorporating Victorian vintage design into a modern kitchen can create a space that exudes historical charm and elegance.

This style is characterized by its rich details, intricate patterns, and nostalgic charm:

• Intricate Cabinetry: Elaborate and detailed cabinetry with decorative mouldings, carvings, and embellishments.

• Ornate Hardware: Intricately designed handles, knobs, and pulls featuring floral or decorative motifs.

• Dark Wood Finishes: Use of dark woods like mahogany or cherry for cabinetry and furniture.

• Patterned Tiles: Decorative tiles with floral, geometric, or ornate designs used for backsplashes and flooring.

• Antique Accents: Incorporation of vintage cookware, crockery, and utensils for a touch of nostalgia.

• Rich Colours: Deep, rich colours like burgundy, forest green, and deep blue for a luxurious feel.

• Stained Glass: Incorporation of stained glass windows or panels for an elegant touch.

Retro Diner Inspired Kitchen 

A retro diner-inspired modern kitchen draws inspiration from the nostalgic and vibrant design elements of mid-20th century diners. This style is characterized by its playful colours, bold patterns, and a sense of fun. Incorporating retro diner design into a modern kitchen can create a lively and nostalgic atmosphere that brings back the charm of a bygone era.

This style evokes a sense of nostalgia and playfulness:

• Checkerboard Flooring: Iconic black-and-white checkered flooring reminiscent of diner interiors.

• Bright Colours: Vibrant and pastel colours like red, turquoise, pink, and yellow for cabinets, appliances, and accents.

• Chrome Accents: Use of chrome finishes for appliances, barstools, and hardware.

• Booth Seating: Incorporation of booth-style seating with retro upholstery and chrome detailing.

• Vinyl Upholstery: Vinyl upholstery in booth seating and barstools for an authentic retro touch.

• Retro Appliances: Appliances with rounded edges and bold colors, resembling vintage models.

• Neon Signs: Neon signs and vintage signage for a touch of diner nostalgia.


From vintage Victorian kitchens to retro-inspired diners there are plenty of ways in which you can create a classic-looking kitchen within your home during your next kitchen renovation. A classic and vintage kitchen design is a great way to add additional value to your property providing you with an iconic feel to your kitchen that stands out from every other home! 

Hopefully, you have found your dream vintage kitchen and you can start to build something that is special to you and your family by building your new kitchen with a vintage twist replicating those long-forgotten memories and nostalgia from the past. 

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