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13 Virtual Game Night Ideas: Games & Activities for Side-Splitting Fun in 2021

by Martha Simmonds

The introduction of the internet has been rated as one of the best things that have ever happened to humanity. The world became a global village, and Canadians can now transact online, make new friends and access a lot of information without leaving their couches. Online gaming is an awesome opportunity to refresh your mind or even meet new people.

The modern world is making it hard for people to meet up physically for gaming sessions. With the Covid-19 pandemic and friends residing far away from each other, virtual games seem like the only viable option. Kevin Cochran shares with us virtual game night ideas for Canadians:

1. Live trivia night

You can have a trivia night on several topics, depending on your relationship with the invites and what you want to achieve. You can prepare some questions in advance or have a system that pops them automatically. 

2. Get to know your teammates

There are high chances that you do not know your colleagues beyond their role at the workplace. You can have a game night where you get to know your teammates at a deeper level. 

3. Coworker feud

Conflicts are common in workplaces, and setting up a similar party night can help you learn your employees better. Prepare the game night and assign your teammates roles where some will have feuds and have someone they can report to. 

4. Online casino games

Why not have some fun and the winners walk away with some money home? Live games in online casinos can help you achieve this. You can borrow ideas from the Jackpot City review to determine what it takes to land on reputable online casino in Canada mobile sites. The idea is to have fun but not expose players to situations where they can lose their fortune.  

5. Murder mystery

There are hundreds of apps out there that can help you create the perfect setting for a murder mystery game night. The ideal platform should distribute the clues to the participants brilliantly and help the participants solve the mystery. 

6. Virtual scavenger hunt

Gone are the days when people thought that scavenger hunts can only be done physically. Your family members, loved ones or friends will be bound by one mission when you engage on an online scavenger night. 

7. Virtual mixology

You can prepare some cocktails and share a drink virtually. Having a professional mixologist lead your team members through the process brings in the fun. 

8. The Dream Team

Your guests can have different explorations, such as taking over the world or even building the world’s biggest city. Let your team members group themselves based on the ‘skills’ needed to create that dream team. 

9. Online scrabble

Scrabble is a game that helps people open up their minds and learn new vocabulary. You can connect with your guests and play this game right from your mobile devices. 

10. Drawing and coloring games

Adult coloring and drawing are some of the approaches that can help people cool off their minds. Pick from the tons of drawing and coloring games that have multiplayer options and let your team have fun. 

11. Virtual Disney night

It won’t hurt when you try something that fits children and goes back in time. You can request the attendees of the party to wear Disney costumes. You can also have Disney-themed decorations to set the mood right. You can then enjoy some Disney games as smooth music plays in the background. 

12. Virtual dinner party

Dinner parties are some of the best approaches for catching up. However, physical interaction may be impossible, and that is how a virtual dinner comes into place. You can decide on a certain meal plan or let participants decide on the foods they love. 

13. Virtual music festival

Music is food for the soul, but you may not be in a position to enjoy some cool music together. You can still hold a virtual music festival and let different participants perform. Ensure that you have judges and virtual prizes to be won and make the party more realistic. 

As you can see, there are many party night ideas, from playing live games from jackpot casino, holding virtual dinners, and coloring games to solving murder mysteries. Analyze the type of guests you have and your goals when selecting the ideal party night activity.

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