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How Will Virtual Reality Make Certain Industries More Accessible?

by Martha Simmonds

Virtual reality is here, but it’s not quite a worldwide phenomenon yet. That could be set to change over the next few years, with projections suggesting the industry could be worth more than $435.36 billion by 2030.

When VR headsets do become household items, there’s a strong chance that it they will change the way people indulge in pastimes. The technology offers a new way to experience things that many users may not have had a chance to enjoy before.

Popularity of Fishing Genre Suggests it Will be Huge in VR

In the hierarchy of pastimes that are being adapted to VR, fishing is up there at the top. The hobby has been digitalized in myriad ways up to now, and that looks set to continue in VR. Fishing has representation in almost every sector of entertainment. For instance, Bigger Bass Bonanza is one of the most popular slot games on the market, and it emerged thanks to the success of its predecessor, Big Bass Bonanza. The slots market is a great indicator of what’s hot, and fishing is easily one of the most played genres.

Fishing can be found across other platforms as well. There are fishing simulators on mobile and PC, with titles like Fishing Planet giving players a sense that they are immersed in angling activity at lakes and rivers. There are also countless fishing documentaries on television, underlining how many people are in search of this type of content. There’s no doubt that fishing will be huge in VR as well, with some titles like Real VR Fishing already enjoying early success.

VR Gardening and Farming Could be Massive

The internet brought various crazes with it, many of which were based on pursuits from the real world. One genre that has thrived over the last couple of decades has been gardening simulation, where users get a chance to plant seeds, design landscapes, and tend to the foliage.

Farming simulators offer a similar experience, and these exploded in the online age as well. Many people never get the chance to plough fields and fertilize crops, so they can do it online using offerings such as Farming Simulator 22. Similarly, a lot of people, especially city dwellers, don’t have access to a garden. VR simulators of gardening and farming, therefore, are likely to take off as more people pick up the hardware needed to enjoy them.

What Other Industries Could Succeed in VR?

Many other early VR offerings have focused on bringing real world industries to people in a digitalized format. One of the most popular activities is VR boxing, which is an excellent form of exercise. There are already a few options to choose from, with Thrill Of The Fight considered to be one of the most realistic. Other fitness activities such as dancing and yoga could also be major hits in VR in the future.

There are some activities that you simply can’t take part in if you are restricted by your location in the real world. VR will fix this problem and bring a whole range of activities to the world in a digital scenario.

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