Visuals make Learning Fun

Visuals Make Learning Experience Lot More Effective

“More than 80 percent of the material in a school curriculum is delivered visually.”

This statement is true. It helps students understand subjects better and impacts their learning. A study shows that the use of pictures adds value to written communication by increasing recall and understanding.

Newspapers, Television (TV), and Magazines are some of the biggest news providers. All these media houses present their stories in a visual manner to captivate the audience. This also makes learning more interesting for students as most of them are visual learners. They enjoy watching something rather than reading about it. The use of visuals leads to memorable learning which encourages further interest in learning.

Children have an innate-like towards visual stimuli, so they respond well to educational experiences they can see and touch.

Students learn better with Visual Examples

A picture has the power to capture the attention of students, unlike words. To make sure that students are fully engaging in an activity, teachers should include visuals. They should use graphs, charts, pictures, and other materials for clearly explaining things. Activities that involve a lot of drawing by students can help them better understand what is being taught in class. A study showed that 5-year-olds who were exposed to educational TV spent more time playing with math and reading toys as compared to children who didn’t watch educational programs on TV.

Visual information should be given due importance. Effective teachers use visuals strategically to support their teaching goals. Research shows that students, who are taught with visuals, learn better and retain/retrieve information at a faster rate.

Pictures to teach can be taught well

A teacher can use pictures to present a lesson or topic in an interesting manner. Pictures that involve stories for the kids can also help them relate their learning experience to real-life situations. The use of visual stimuli makes the learning process more exciting for children. The whole concept of picture books revolves around attracting children to them so that they can take interest in something that is created just for them.

Visuals make Learning Fun!

“Since the beginning of mankind, we have used visual aids to learn.”

For effective learning, students should be engaged in the learning process. This can be accomplished with the use of visuals and other multimedia tools such as videos and songs. By making learning fun for kids, teachers get better results.

Visual imagery lends a sense of authority to a message and helps retain information better. Visuals serve as an aid for reading comprehension for children with dyslexia or attention deficit disorder (ADD). Also, visually impaired people can easily understand written content if it is accompanied by visuals.

Visuals are effective way to learn

Images and graphics help to learn because they appeal to children more than words, especially when they learn the same thing. Basically, everything is made of energy which is given a certain shape.

Videos are very useful for teaching purposes as they let you visualize a concept in an easy manner. Some people view every video as a kind of movie which distracts them from the actual purpose of watching it, but videos can be used effectively if used correctly.

Teachers should make use of multimedia tools such as videos and audio-visual aids to communicate with students effectively. Videos are effective for imparting information to students or helping them interact with teachers and other students in real-time situations.

Using Interactive Screens for Visual Communication

“Let’s Go Video! Smart Boards are learning tools.”

A SmartBoard or a “Learning tool” is an interactive display technology that allows teachers to create, modify and delete content and images with the help of trained personnel.

It lets teachers apply visuals in ways that students can appreciate. It plays an important role in motivating students and makes learning attractive for them.

Smartboards have been used for the last couple of years with many advantages being experienced by teachers like increased efficiency in student interactions, easier display of information, improved communication skills, and better student engagement. ActivPanel is an innovative product to make the learning experience more fun for students and teachers. Visuals make it easier to learn

A picture is worth a thousand words

The student’s brain absorbs pictures more quickly than it learns from the written word. A study shows that children who are visually oriented have more trouble learning to read than those who learn better by other sensory experiences. Visual learners need visual information as these are more easily remembered by them. Pleasing images can enhance retention and promote recall, therefore making students look forward to reading and learning.

Visual-oriented students prefer visuals over words, such as charts, diagrams, graphs, and timelines, while auditory learners prefer listening to lectures or conversations over reading material.

Introduce Interactive Display Screens for Classrooms

“Let’s Go Interactive Display Screens are learning tools.”

Classroom display screens, or smart boards, are interactive displays that allow teachers to modify content and images with the help of trained personnel. It lets teachers apply visuals in ways that students can appreciate.

SmartBoard is an innovative product for implementing visual aids to benefit the learning process. A Smartboard does not distract children from the focus of its presentation but rather supports the learning. Students get a better understanding of things that are shown on the smartboard. Something that is shown on the smart board can be seen in real-time through its screen, therefore making it easy for them to learn from it.


Visuals play a vital role in promoting effective learning. Parents, teachers, and other educators should utilize visual aids to help children grasp concepts more easily and remember them for long-term retention.

Visual information should be given due importance in the classroom. Teachers should put up illustrations and pictures to teach real-life situations that appeal to the interest of students. Also, they should make use of educational videos and interactive display boards so that they can make learning interesting for their students.

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