vital things all drivers need

5 Vital Things All Drivers Need To Have

On the road, anything is possible, so it is best to be prepared for any situation you might find yourself in. There are a few items every driver should keep stocked in their car for emergencies.

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Whether your car was a gift or your first big purchase, you should always keep some vital things on hand.

1. First Aid Kit

Although many don’t know the importance of a first aid kit, having a well-stocked one will protect you and your family. Keeping emergency medical supplies in your car will help you give vital assistance when needed.

Some essential items like gauze, safety pins, bandages, antihistamines, saline solution for eye washing or rinsing wounds, and pain relievers should be in your emergency kit in your car. A well-stocked kit can help in many situations.

2. Jumper Cables

Booster cables consist of two insulated wires of sufficient capacity fastened together with alligator clips at either end. The lines link a running vehicle’s battery to the dead battery in another car.

One never thinks they will need to jump-start someone else’s car or that their battery will die and require a slight boost. Start by attaching the red cable to the dead battery’s positive side, then the working battery’s positive side.

The next step is connecting the black cable to the negative side of the dead battery and then the negative side of the working battery. Allow the car to idle for a while before attempting to start the vehicle with the (previously) dead battery.

3. Tire Jack And Spare Tire

While a spare tire is necessary, you would not be able to change a flat tire without a jack. A jack will lift a vehicle off of the ground. Once you have changed out your flat tire, you need to get to a repair place to get the tire fixed.

Many people will opt for an inflator or sealant kit. A tubeless tire sealant is a liquid that goes inside the tire to automatically plug punctures when they happen. However, this is not a permanent fix.

4. Duct Tape And Cable Ties

Duct tape is incredibly versatile and robust. With its waterproof and easy tear properties, there are limitless uses, which will come in handy in many emergencies.

After an accident, you can use duct tape and cable ties to hold the bodywork together long enough to get to the nearest station for help.

5. Reflective Triangles

A reflective triangle is a widely known code for an unexpected stationary motor vehicle. This red triangle with a highly reflective surface is made from plastic and metal.

Your broken-down vehicle should have this warning sign at least 147 feet behind it.

It’s always an excellent start double-checking you have some emergency essentials before heading out on the road, even if you live in a city where a mechanic is always nearby.

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