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warm clothing relocating to colder climates

Warm Clothing To Buy When Relocating To Colder Climates

by Martha Simmonds

No matter what circumstances in life bring you to move to a new location, every time you live in a new part of the world brings an exciting adventure. Part of this excitement lies in the thrill of facing the unexpected. While there’s no doubt that a lot about any new place will bring new surprises, there’s also a lot you can do to research to ensure you’re prepared.

Considering Changes In Climate

If you’re moving to a location that has a colder climate than where you’re moving away from, you’ll want to be prepared to dress appropriately for unexpected weather. For example, if you’re moving further north or to the mountains, you’ll probably need to wear winter clothing more often than usual or earlier in the year than you might typically.

Research The Local Climate

The best way to be sure of what you’ll need to survive a winter in the area you’re headed is to get online to find out as much as you can about the local weather. You can easily find an annual climate chart online by checking an authoritative website.

Advice From The Locals

While online research is a great way to get started, you’ll also benefit from getting a first-hand perspective. Search for chat forums about the area where you can gain invaluable insight from people who already live there. You will also be able to post specific questions and get informed answers about dressing for the weather.

Specific Clothing You’ll Need

If you’re moving to an area that experiences low temperatures, including snow and ice, you’re going to need winter clothing with a high thermal rating. Since fall is already upon us and winter will soon be on its way, you’ll want to prepare by buying some warm clothing before you arrive. At the very least, you’ll want to buy insulated socks for women and men, thermal underpants and long-sleeve base layers, winter hats and gloves, and a warm winter coat.

Purge Clothing You Won’t Need

While you’re in the midst of buying piles of new clothing that will suit your new location of residence, you’ll also want to go through the clothing you currently own to get rid of some of your summer wear. If you are currently in possession of piles of very light garments, you won’t need as many where you’ll be living next. Don’t wait until after you move to get rid of things that you shouldn’t need to pack.

Consignment Stores

If you plan it wisely, you can donate the lighter clothing you don’t need to a consignment store for credit towards new items that are more suitable for cold weather. Doing this will be like trading in your old clothing for new items, so you’ll be able to save money.

If you’re about to move to a new location with a colder climate than you’re used to, you will need to stock up on thermal layers. Look for a company that offers a high rating when it comes to thermal insulation, so you’ll be all ready to enjoy the outdoors through the coldest of winter months.

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