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water damage to foundation

How to Recognize Water Damage to Foundation? Check Six Warning Signs

by Gloria Louden

Water damage is the primary reason for foundation failure. Thereby, there is a need to keep an eye on warning signs of water damage. If you don’t pay close attention to these signs, it will jeopardize your home’s stability and health in the long run. Water damage to the structure is a common yet insidious phenomenon. If you left this problem unchecked, you must pay hundreds of dollars only to get a fix. So, you better get an idea of the most common signs of water damage to your foundation. Here are these.

1. Basement Floor Crack

Cracks on basement floors are another sign of water damage. Many homeowners handle this problem with vent barrier installation. It would be best if you waterproof your basement. Only a professional knows what’s the best solution, so you should hire one.

2. Bowing Walls

Walls are made of solid concrete or other durable materials that can’t withstand excess water pressure. Therefore, walls start bowing from the center. It would help if you kept an eye on the basement and retaining walls. If they are moving inward, it means they are on the verge of collapse. You need to hire a structural wall repair company in Sioux, so experts fix these walls through stabilizers or anchors.

3. Sinking floors

When your crawl space or basement has a sinking floor, then water damage is the leading cause. Water leaking or flooding give rise to this significant problem. Floor structures need some support.

4. Mold and Mildew Formation

Excess moisture in your home is the major cause of mold and mildew formation. Maybe your rain or gutter drainage falls in your basement. Mold starts affecting the beams and support structure; this water damage results in foundation failure over time- especially when no one cares about it.

5. Musty Odor

Do you feel a musty odor in your living room? You check every corner of the living space but don’t get any idea where this odor begins. It’s time to check your crawl space or basement. Maybe that smell comes from that area.

These dark and moist areas are the best breeding environment for pests. The smell from these areas circulates all over your space. Bad smell is a clear symptom of dampness that easily attracts cockroaches, spiders, and rodents.

6. Subsidence

Sometimes, you don’t have to look inside to get an idea about structural wall damage. Stand as far as from your house and then look at it. If it looks uneven, then it’s a sign of progressing subsidence.

Once you review your home from outside, you notice that the structure sinks. It’s time when you need to contact the structural wall repair company. Ask them to inspect your space and give you some foundation repair solutions. 

As soon as you recognize signs of water damage to your foundation, you should contact the structural repair company. Experts will inspect your space and determine the extent of the damage. They also give you an estimate for the perfect solution to fix a problem you are facing.

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