ways to beat dui case

5 Great Ways To Beat An Annoying DUI Case

If you’re arrested for driving under the influence, you might think your life is over. Are you scared of losing your job because it requires a license? You must be wondering how you’ll put food on your table once you’ve been to court.

Don’t start worrying about anything until you’ve received your punishment. If you hire a first DUI offense lawyer, maybe you won’t even get a slap on the wrist. Here are a few ways they’ll be able to help you escape trouble.

1. Were You Wrongfully Arrested?

Your chances of beating a DUI case will increase dramatically if you’re wrongfully arrested. If the police see you driving recklessly down the street, you obviously deserve to be pulled over ASAP.

If you have a good lawyer, they’ll argue you shouldn’t have been stopped. The fact you had alcohol in your system doesn’t always matter. All the evidence gathered against you might be thrown out if your lawyer is successful.

2. Did You Fail A Sobriety Test?

If someone fails a field sobriety test when pulled over, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re drunk. Do you have any health problems that prevent you from walking in a straight line? Is there something wrong with your balance?

A field sobriety test is used to help police officers determine if you’re impaired, but it doesn’t prove anything one way or the other. A great lawyer will be able to argue the test shouldn’t be used against you.

3. Did You Fail A Breathalyzer Test?

A breathalyzer isn’t 100% accurate no matter who is conducting the test. It could come from a faulty batch that doesn’t produce reliable results. The police officer in charge of the test might have messed up.

You’ll find dozens of reasons why a sober person could fail a breathalyzer test, so can it really tell when you’ve been drinking? I guess that’s up to the court to decide, but your lawyer will do their best to create doubt.

4. Do Blood Tests Tell The Truth?

Most people will assume blood tests are always accurate, but it’s not true. If you try to measure anything with faulty equipment it will usually be wrong. It’s also possible to target the doctor who drew your blood.

Even if the doctor isn’t inexperienced, they might have made mistakes in the past. Imagine what would happen if DUI lawyers found evidence they’ve screwed up tests. Maybe people will believe you’re the innocent victim.

5. Was The Officer Doing Their Job?

You can’t be arrested legally without being read your rights. If you’re not arrested properly, it could blow their whole case. It’s also possible the police officer delayed letting you talk with a lawyer once you requested one.

If the officer wasn’t doing their job right, it’s hard to see how they can charge you with a crime. Your lawyer will know how to target the officer in question, but there is only a small chance it will go your way.

Hire The Best Lawyer You Can Afford

Have you ever seen a top-quality lawyer working their magic in court? If you hire the best law firm you can afford, it’s a lot more likely you’ll escape punishment.

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