ways to run mt4 on mac

Top 5 Ways To Run MT4 On Mac

Metatrader 4 was originally designed as software for the Windows OS. However, with Mac holding on to a significant market share of PCs globally, it’s only become all the more imperative to create MT4 for Mac OS.

But for some reason, MetaQuotes, the company responsible for developing the MT4 platforms has not yet created a native version of the app that’s fully responsive for Mac PCs.

In this article, we examine the top ways traders take to get the MetaTrader 4 trading platform up and running on their PCs.

Can MT4 run on macOS?

For the longest time, a fully native version of the MT4 platform for macOS wasn’t available. So, to use MT4 on their Mac PCs, traders have had to download emulation software that would make it possible for the Metatrader software designed for Windows to work on macOS.

However, this process was long and involved plenty of unnecessarily complicated steps that anyone would find frustrating.

But even this has become somewhat impossible in recent times following Apple’s decision to change the macOS from 32-bit to 64-bit, making it impossible for the 32-bit emulated MT4 application to run on most Mac PCs, especially ones that run on the Monterey, Catalina, or Big Sur macOS versions and the M1 model.

And although there is now a native version of MT4 for macOS, even that one is not without its issues. The application is not kept well updated, so traders might frequently have to deal with bugs.

But despite all these, it’s not totally impossible to run the Metatrader 4 application on macOS. In the next section, we will explain some of the best methods that traders use to install and use MT4 on their Macs of all versions and models.

How to run MT4 on Mac?

1. Use the MT4 web terminal

Obviously, the easiest way to access the MT4 trading platform from a Mac computer is through its web terminal. Like most other digital products, MT4 is a web-first program that only later downloadable apps to make life easy for users.

So, in the absence of suitable downloadable apps, mac users can simply open up the web version to access their trading terminals. Of course, this is hardly optimal in terms of comfort but is much better than having to contend with dysfunctional apps.

2. Install MTrading’s MT4 for Mac OS

The next best way to access the MetaTrader terminal is to download MTrading’s MT4 for Mac app. Equipped with the full functionalities of the regular platform, it grants traders full access to the trading environment and the features and tools of Metatrader at 100% performance and responsiveness on all macOS versions up to Mojave 10.14.

All of this without having to download any additional applications, emulators, plug-ins, etcetera. 

3. Install Windows OS using Parallels

One of the most popular methods that traders resort to is to first download and install the Windows OS on their PCs, converting it from mac to Windows. They then download the native MT4 application for Windows OS, which can then run as smoothly as it would on an original Windows OS device.

To do this, you first need to install Parallels as it is the easiest to get the Windows OS to work on a Mac, plus the software is constantly updated to match every new version of the macOS.

Also, it runs the Windows OS and macOS alongside each other, so that you can always switch between them to access your favorite features of the macOS, and then back again when you need to trade. It works on all versions of the Mac OS and all Mac PC models. However, you have to pay an annual subscription.

4. Install Windows using Boot Camp

Another way to install the Windows OS on your Mac PC is using its Boot Camp feature. Then, you can download and install the native MT4 app for Windows PCs. The tool partitions your hard drive enabling you to install another operating system, Windows if you want.

And unlike Parallels, it’s an unpaid service, since it’s an inbuilt feature of Mac PCs. However, it’s one downside is that, unlike Parallels, Boot Camp doesn’t let you switch as you want between the operating systems. You have to reboot your computer to switch to the other OS. Also, it doesn’t quite work on M1 Macs.

5. Install MT4 using a VPS

Another top way to install MT4 on your Mac PC is using a VPS or virtual private server. It is almost equivalent to having a dedicated physical server in your room. Only that this is offsite and can only be accessed with cloud technology. It bestows nearly all of the advantages of having a personal physical server.

VPSes enable you to install the Windows OS and then run the MT4 application on a private network, with many times more speed than you would obtain using a public server. It’s so powerful that you can upload multiple custom trading algorithms and automate the bulk of your trading.

If you want, you can get it to work at all times, even when your PC is closed. However, it is not as fast when it comes to manual trading. Also, VPS providers usually require that you pay monthly subscription fees.


Metatrader 4 offers forex traders a truly global reach, with more technical tools and assistance than anyone would ever need, more than enough currency pairs to trade; just overall the best trading experience. Using a Mac PC should shut you out from participating in the market at full efficiency.

With any of the methods that we’ve prescribed in this article, especially the MTrading MT4 for Mac application, you can easily download, install and run Metatrader 4 on your Mac PC at any time.

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