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Guide To The Perfect Wedding Dress Code Wording Invitation

by Martha Simmonds

When you’re busy planning for your special day, one of the details often overlooked is the dress code. You don’t want your guests second-guessing their attire or being conscious and uncomfortable instead of enjoying the day. While stipulating the dress code is not necessary, it will be considerate as it can help provide some guidance on what to wear.

Here’s a quick overview of the wedding dress code wording that can guide your guests to look and feel their best!

What’s A Wedding Dress Code Wording?


While the wedding is all about the bride and groom, a wedding dress code helps the guests to also feel their best when attending the wedding. It also allows the bride and groom to ensure cohesiveness to their chosen wedding theme.

We all know the feeling of being overdressed or undressed when attending a wedding, and instead of socializing, we end up spending all the time in a corner trying to go unnoticed.

An invitation with the wedding dress code offers some guidance to the guests about what they should wear. It will also contribute to making the wedding just the way you imagined it!

For instance, a wedding dress code wording saying “Black tie for an elegant night of champagne and chandeliers!” on the invite indicates that the guests should dress in evening gowns and tuxedos.

Remember, you’re going to want your wedding pictures to look amazing. You’ll probably formulate your own wedding photo books afterward as well as get specific wedding photo books from your photographer. If you want everything to fall into place and ensure these wedding photo books are amazing, make sure you get the dress code right.

Usually, the wedding dress code wording is indicated in the lower corner of the invitation or at the bottom and centered. Some choose to include the dress code on the details cards or the page or website of the upcoming wedding.

10 Wedding Dress Code Wording Examples


#1. “Hang up those heels because we’ll be partying on the sandy beaches!”

This wedding dress code indicates the gathering is happening on the beach. So, ladies should opt for flat, dressy sandals paired with a sundress or maxi dress, and men can consider chinos, seersuckers, and linens or short sleeve polos.

#2. “Island wedding — think layers!”

The words “island wedding” also suggest a coastal or beach wedding. It could even be a destination wedding and you can confirm the location of the ceremony and reception in your wedding invitation.

But, this example of a wedding dress code leans towards relaxed. Since it is not indicative of formal wear, it is best to go for a semi-formal attire with breathable fabrics, lakers, and accents.

#3. “Saying I do with a view, so dress for wind.”

This wedding dress code wording will mean that the event is taking place outdoors, perhaps in the mountains, and with the best of natural beauty. This is also a slight warning that it can get cold, so make sure that your attire will keep you warm and snug.

#4. “Welcome to our marriage masquerades; don’t forget your phantom masks!”

This will be a black tie wedding but with a twist — it is time for classy tuxes and corsetted gowns as well as a full or half mask. This is a wedding reception that promises mystery and elegance.

#5. “Try on those glass slippers for our Cinderella wedding!”

Cinderella attended a ball, which is precisely what you’ll be heading to! So, men are encouraged to wear suits with a tie and women can dress up in floor-length gowns.

#6. “Join us in our winter wonderland — bundle up!”

The wedding and reception could be held during the winter or the couple simply opted for a winter wonderland wedding theme. Dress up in layered clothing or long-sleeved floor-length dresses made from thick fabric like velvet.

#7. “Sip on refreshing cocktails at our wedding; coats are a bummer.”

It’s going to be a hot and exciting day, so guests are encouraged to attend the wedding one step above smart casual. Think above-the-knee hem dresses or maxi dresses that are not exactly floor length. Men can wear a suit, dress shirt, or sports jacket, and if you’re looking for something that will keep you both stylish and practical, consider pairing your outfit with one of the best mens waxed jackets in 2023. The waxed jacket has long been a staple of men’s fashion and is perfect for outdoor events.

With so many options available, you’re sure to find a waxed jacket that perfectly complements your style and keeps you looking sharp, no matter what the day brings.

#8. “Fall, pumpkin spice, and scarfs.”

Fall weddings require guests to be warm so they can incorporate shawls, scarves, or warm layers in their outfits. Men can use vests for added warmth, but one that can easily be removed when it gets too warm.

#9. “Colorful dresses for all but the bride!”

This is a simple and stern reminder that guests can wear any color except white — because white is always reserved for the bride.

#10. “Dress to impress in smart casual pastels.”

This is a wedding where you’ll see plenty of shades of lovely pink, light blue, sunny yellow, and creamy mints. And since it is smart casual, make sure to be well-dressed but not overdressed.

4 Tips For Your Wedding Dress Code Wording


#1. Use Simple And Straightforward Language

It’s best to use simple, clear words to avoid any room for confusion or miscommunication on your wedding dress code invitation. Use the standard dress codes like White Tie, Black Tie, Formal, Semi-formal, Jacket and Tie, Cocktail, and Smart Casual.

#2. Specify The Acceptable Dress Code

It will be a good idea to spell out what to wear for a black tie wedding. For example, “Black tux for men, formal gowns for women.”

#3. Creative PS Notes In The Invite

You can also incorporate postscripts with your invitation and add more details about the attire. Label it as “Details” or “Guest Details” and elaborate on the dress code. This should answer your guests’ most basic questions regarding the dress code.

#4. Use Pictures, Not Words

Get creative and use images as examples of acceptable wedding attire. For instance, if your wedding has a semi-formal rustic theme, you can add pictures of color palette and floral patterns from which your guests can take inspiration.

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