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Popping The Question? Consider These Wedding Engagement Trends For Your Proposal

Love is in the air: engagements are at an all-time high, and last year, jewelers revealed that there has been a double-digit percentage growth in engagement ring sales compared to the same period in 2019. A wedding proposal means lots of planning, and apart from choosing the perfect ring, it also means looking at proposal venues and celebrating the moment with loved ones.

If you’re thinking about popping the question sometime this year, you need to plan ahead to make it memorable and meaningful for you and your loved one. Here are the best wedding engagement trends to consider as you take the first step towards creating a life together.

Double proposals

Traditionally, a proposal involves one person getting down on their knee and presenting the ring to pop the question. But these days, the double proposal – two people proposing to each other on the same day or at different times – is a trend gaining popularity, especially among LGBTQ couples.

Double proposing is a way to show each other that you’re equals in the relationship, and it certainly smashes centuries’ worth of stereotypes as anyone, regardless of gender, can propose to their loved one. If you’re considering this type of proposal, you can pop the question to your man with a plain or diamond-studded men’s engagement ring. If you’ve been proposed to first, you can secure the ring, and consider proposing a week or a month after you said yes.

Sustainable engagement rings

Sustainability is a big theme in many wedding engagements, and more people are choosing to buy sustainable engagement rings. Ethically sourced diamonds have become trendy among conscious consumers, as well as lab-grown diamonds and rings made out of recycled metals.

You can buy a ring from sustainable brands, but you can also propose with an heirloom ring. Resetting or modifying an heirloom diamond is an eco-conscious decision because it reduces the amount of mining, and it also reduces the exploitation of workers in diamond mines.

Themed engagement parties

After popping the question, most couples invite their loved ones to celebrate this special milestone. Instead of having a dinner party, couples are now choosing to have themed engagement parties to kick off their wedding journey. Consider having a 70s-inspired roller derby night, and play some disco music. Then serve finger foods and cold drinks. Don’t forget to dress up in 70s glam outfits to enhance the vibe of the celebration.

If you and your partner are more of the outdoorsy, chill type, try putting up a few tents in your backyard for a glamping-themed party, and fire up the grill so you can cook barbecue for your loved ones. You may also arrange to have a fancy English picnic at the park with your family and friends, and serve treats like scones, homemade pies, tarts and tea. Read more at Cupids Light.

If you’re planning to propose in summer, consider having a swimming pool party, and serve ice cream, tropical drinks and snacks to refresh your guests.

Getting engaged is one of the most special milestones in a couple’s relationship. Consider these engagement trends to pop the question, and enjoy taking your first step towards married life together.

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