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wedding themes in 2022

The Trendiest Wedding Themes in 2022

by Rheyn

Just like that, we are already approaching the middle of the year! And what’s that we’re hearing? Wedding bells?

Yes, it is wedding season once again, except that no, we don’t hear wedding bells anymore because they are so long over. So, what is new in 2022?

We can’t deny the fact that the past two years of pandemic have indeed redefined weddings. They have opened our eyes to a whole new level of possibilities. Now, there are virtual weddings, weddings at home, very intimate weddings, DIY-all-you want weddings and many more. People love it, especially how practical and inexpensive they are!

With the doors starting to open again, the more that we want to celebrate weddings. How? People are torn between choosing the practical “pandemic way” and the reality that they are allowed to have big gatherings and invite all the people they missed.

If you are trying to look for inspiration, in this article, you have the freedom to choose one or a combination of the trendiest wedding themes in 2022.

Wedding Colors

One of the important elements in a wedding is the wedding color. Whether it’s big weddings or intimate weddings, there will always be a wedding color. It creates uniformity, synchronicity, and accent among the guests, entourage, decorations, and the bride and groom.

Here are the trending colors in 2022:

1. Green

The cooler and calmer shades of green, such as sage green, olive green, and mint green, are very pleasing to the eyes when used as accent colors. They create a serene, tropical, and nature-inspired vibe that suits all ages.

2. Earth tones

If green is the color of trees and nature, earth tones imitate the color of the earth or ground. A combination of nude colors, beige, white, rust and dusty red creates this tone. They are more of the deeper and darker accent colors that result in a bohemian, rustic, and minimalist wedding theme.

3. Monochromatic colors

They are different shades of one color. By playing with the combination of shades, you create the illusion of having a multicolored wedding without the hassle of choice. This also helps your guests to choose to wear their prefered shade.

4. Classic blue or pink colors

They are still a wedding trend, but more on the lighter shades to create a peaceful and dainty effect.

5. Bold and bright colors

Red, orange, and yellow are commonly used as accent colors in combination to white. They are a perfect contrast for the wedding details that you want to highlight.

Wedding Location

You can go out this 2022! It only means that you are allowed to hold your wedding in the venue of your choice.

1. Garden weddings

This classic never gets old. The relaxed al fresco location of outdoor weddings adds up to the magic of the event. It may be in actual gardens or any outdoor locations that are sentimental to the couples.

With garden weddings, you may choose to tie the knots under the rising sun or during sunset. You can surely incorporate a lot of wedding reception ideas that can make your wedding celebration unique. You can even decorate the venue with elegant lighting at night. Just make sure to be prepared whatever the weather on your special day will be. Lighting professionals, like Blingle! in Portland, provide elegant and romantic wedding outdoor lighting.

2. Destination weddings

If you miss traveling, then go to the destination of your dream in or out of the country. For many, a wedding is still a valid excuse for their most awaited vacation.

Wedding Attire

Most of the time, the wedding attire alone is enough to give your wedding a theme. So, specify to your guests what to wear during the event.

1. Formal

This year is a time for people to dress up after a couple of years in their house wearing pajamas.

2. Bohemian

When matched with outdoor location and color accent, people love boho weddings because of its warm and carefree feels.

3. Cocktail

In a less formal event, cocktail dresses and suits let you and your guests dress up comfortably.

4. Wedding dress

No one wants to miss the main attraction of all weddings— the bride’s wedding dress.

  • Princess wedding dresses are still a thing. Most brides want to become princesses in their weddings. The good thing is, there are a lot of princess wedding dress styles available on the market. You’ll surely find the one that will fit your preference.
  • As a wedding attire, bridal suits unleash the strong, independent woman look with formal white top and bottom coordinates.
  • Cutouts are another non-traditional wedding dress. They are sexy, fashionable, and trendy pieces of clothing.

Wedding Experience

Here comes the fun part. Most couples nowadays are more invested in the wedding experience itself rather than the looks. A unique wedding experience is commonly done in intimate weddings that are exclusive for families and close friends. Below are the list of top wedding experiences this year:

1. Whole weekend wedding

Your wedding does not have to be a one-day event. Make it a whole weekend, or 2–3 days top. Invite your friends and families to an escapade to your dream wedding destination to relax and rest before and after the wedding.

2. Inspirational wedding

It is more common for art lovers and music lovers. Let you and your guest experience doing arts and music by holding an inspirational wedding with art or music-related decorations and activities, or any other forms of inspirations, such as open bar, campsite or movie house-inspired weddings.

3. Pre-wedding invite

Couples are going at the top of their games to invite their loved ones, especially those that they want to have a big role, such as maid-of-honors and bestmen. They give away awesome presents or even throw parties just to ask them to their wedding.

4. Family dinner

This one is very simple. Treat your family and friends to an exclusive dinner, may it be a formal sit-down one or barbeque party style. It lets you and your guests act naturally and interact with each other more comfortably.

Final Thoughts

Wedding trends constantly change. While you can go trendy on your special day, it’s more important to prepare for a wedding that you and your loved ones will truly treasure and remember.

It could be simple or grand. As long as you can enjoy it, it will always be the best wedding. Have an awesome wedding preparation ahead!

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