what continent is israel in

What Continent Is Israel in? More About Israel’s Location

Israel is a country in the Middle East, but what exactly does that mean? The Middle East isn’t a continent. Plus, when you start looking around, it looks like it could be anywhere, some people say it is a part of Europe, others Africa, and others Asia.

So what continent is Israel in, you want to know? This article will explain where Israel is located, which continent it is on, and why, so keep reading.

About Israel


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Though many people refer to it as Israel, it is officially known as the State of Israel or Medinat Yisra’el. Many people consider Jerusalem to be the capital, though it isn’t widely accepted around the world.

It is the only Jewish nation currently. It was founded over 3500 years ago when the Jewish community decided to no longer follow a nomadic lifestyle. It gained its independence in 1948.

It is a fairly small country, only about 290 miles long and 85 miles wide at its widest point. Despite its small size, it has four distinct geographical regions. Its highest point is 3,963 feet from sea level at Mount Merson.

What Continent Is Israel in?


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Israel is considered to be in the continent of Asia. Though it is on the Asian continent, it is considered to be part of the Middle East. However, despite its location. It has little to no ties to parts of Asia or other countries in the Middle East.

Though it doesn’t physically lie within Europe or Africa many people believe that Israel belongs to one or the other. This is because Israel has a lot of ties with Europe, including participating in their sporting competitions.

The confusion about Africa is based on the fact that Israel borders one of Africa’s largest countries, Egypt. Since they are so close together, many people assume they are on the same continent. However, that is not the case.

Why Isn’t Israel Considered to Be in the African Continent?

The continents are determined by the tectonic plates. Each plate is part of a continent. Israel is located next to Egypt, which is on the African continent. However, though they are near each other, Israel is on a different continent, specifically the Asian continent.

What Other Countries Are Near Israel?


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Israel is a small country located along the Mediterranean Sea. Despite that, it is surrounded by quite a few countries. Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and the West Bank all border the country of Israel.

Turkey and Cyprus are also nearby, though not directly adjacent. Saudi Arabia and Iraq are fairly close by as well.

Israel is right on the border of Africa and the Middle East, which is why there is a lot of confusion about where it is located and on which continent it is counted.

What Is the Geography of Israel?

Despite the relatively small size of Israel, it has a diverse geography. In the south, there is a desert, while the north contains mountains high enough to even get snow. There are also 170 miles of coastline, most of it along the Mediterranean Sea. More than half of the population lives along the coastline.

About half of the country is in the desert, specifically the Negev Desert. This desert only gets one inch of rain a year, but Galilee, in the north, is considered to have the most fertile farmland in the area.

Between the mountains, the desert, and the coast, there are also woodlands and marshlands. At the very south end of the country, in the Red Sea, there are also coral reefs.

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