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what does it mean if you dream about someone repeatedly

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone Repeatedly?

by Martha Simmonds

Interpreting your dreams can often be quite confusing and frustrating. Your dreams are often a manifestation of your subconscious and can give you a glimpse of your deepest self and inner world. They are generally about you, your desires, and your wants.

But, you may also dream of others. If you are dreaming about a particular person too often, you may want to understand what does it mean if you dream about someone repeatedly and if you need to do something about it.

10 Common Reasons To Dream About Someone Repeatedly


#1. Unresolved Issues

If you have lingering concerns or unresolved conflicts or arguments with someone, you may end up dreaming about them. This unfinished business can make you think of this person relentlessly, which will reflect in your subconscious mind and thus your dreams.

Dreaming about this person is your inner self telling you it is time to try and resolve this issue and to work towards closure with this person.

#2. He/she Is Always On Your Mind

This is the most common reason why you dream of the same person. You may be always thinking about this person — it could be a loved one or someone you like and want to be around or even someone you hate.

Remember that when you are sleeping, your body is resting, but your mind is still sifting through your thoughts. Dreaming about this same person is just a reflection of your recurring thoughts about this person.

#3. You Spend A Lot of Time Together

When you are with the same person every day, you create a unique emotional bond with that person. You develop a sense of security, peace, and safety with this person and form a strong attachment.

Since you spend so much time physically with this person, it can seep into your subconscious and cause you to still see them in your dreams, too. Dreaming about this person can be your subconscious mind still being with that person since your recurring dreams, first and foremost, reflect your current reality.

#4. Indicative Of Your Strong Desire

Another possible explanation for your recurring dreams about the same person is that this person has something that you admire and desire for yourself. This can be a material possession, personality traits, or a current situation that they are in and you wish that for yourself.

For example, you may keep on dreaming about your ex-partner. This may not necessarily mean that you want to return to your previous relationship, but you want that happiness and contentment you were feeling then. Your dream is your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that you want to experience the same or even a better kind of love and happiness.

#5. You Want This Person To Be Part Of Your Life

If you want someone to be part of your life and think about it constantly, it can easily creep into your subconscious mind and your dreams.

Many interpret this as someone you want to be in a romantic relationship with, but it can also be family and friends you lost touch with over the years. You might be thinking too hard about how to rekindle your relationship with this person and thus end up having recurring dreams about them.

In terms of your love life, you may be pining for a previous relationship or going through a breakup, causing you to always think of your last partner.

But, it is crucial to remember that dreaming about someone in no way indicates that this person should be part of your life. It is simply your subconscious mind working double time and pondering on too many what-ifs.


#6. You Want That Person To Pay Attention To You

You may have an ongoing infatuation, fascination, or attraction toward someone, and you want that attention to be reciprocated.

You may spend countless hours imagining and hoping for this person to talk to you or even at the very least acknowledge your existence. So, this desire manifests even in your dream.

#7. Somebody’s Missing You

This may be a little difficult to believe, but when another person is missing you, they may just show up in your dreams repeatedly. Dream experts explain this as another person transmitting energy waves towards you, and they manifest in your dreams.

This can be someone you share an emotional connection with or have been spending too much time with over the past few days.

You can dig deeper into the concept of oneirocriticism, which suggests that it could be your spiritual twin soul missing you.

#8. You Are Missing That Person

You may be missing both the physical and emotional connection you have with this person and it manifests through your recurring dreams. You may be feeling lost without this person, and you may believe that your safety and comfort are linked with this person.

Another possible reason you may have one person repeatedly showing in your dream is a loss of connection. For example, if a person has passed away or moved on in another relationship, you may dream about them as you may not have accepted your new reality yet — one without that person.

These feelings can find their way into your dreams and make you dream about that person repeatedly.

#9. You Keep Dreaming About The Person You Love

Loving someone sincerely would almost always mean that you constantly think about that person. And if that person reciprocates your feelings, you are emotionally connected with that person — even if you may not be together physically.

Dreaming about this person signifies the connection, love, and adoration that you have for them. It could also serve as a realization for you about the depth of your emotions.

#10. It Is A Manifestation

According to the dream theory by Sigmund Freud, dreams can be your unconscious wish fulfillments, thoughts, and motivations. So, having repeated dreams about the same person is a manifestation of some feelings that may even be unknown to you.

You are looking for something or someone, and that person who shows up in your dreams may be associated with what you are searching for.

What To Do About It

Now that you know the possible meanings of dreaming about the same person, what do you do next?

Perhaps after having these dreams, it is time for you to look at things from a different perspective.

You are the only one who can fully interpret your dreams and thus the only person who can provide the answers you are looking for.

Use these dreams to assess yourself, and check whether you need to evaluate your decisions and future goals. There are plenty of uncertainties when it comes to dreaming about that same person, but the best way to handle it is to use these dreams to assess your relationships and make decisions that ring true.

Myths About Dreaming About Someone Repeatedly

#1. Dreaming about that same person means that the person is your soulmate and the love of your life.
#2. The person in your dreams can change your life, either as a motivator or a threat.
#3. If you are repeatedly dreaming about your previous partner, you need to get back to them.

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