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what does pushing p mean

Know Your Slang: What Does Pushing P Mean?

by Martha Simmonds

There is a lot of slang out there, and new words and terms are constantly appearing. It can be hard to keep up with all the new terms, especially if you aren’t very active on social media or don’t interact with a lot of the younger generation.

One of the more recent phrases to appear in mainstream social media is “Pushing P”. But what does “Pushing P” mean? And what on earth does the “P” stand for? To find out, you will have to keep reading.

What Does It Mean?

Perhaps you have recently seen or heard someone use the slang, “Pushing P”. Also sometimes said as “Pushin’ P”, the term is a quick slang that means something along the lines of “keeping it real”.

The “p” in the phrase often is considered to be short for “playa” or “player”. On social media and through text, it is often symbolized by the P emoji where a white letter is on a blue background.

Additionally, some people use “Pushing P” to mean money, and if you are spending your own hard-earned money, instead of other people’s money, then it is called “Pushing P”. In this case, “P” stands for paper, which is slang for money. This also means that you tend to own things instead of just renting them.

While the phrase has been around for a little while, it really became popular in 2022, when the rappers Gunna, Future, and Young Thug came together to create a song called “Pushin P”. In the song, the phrase is used in many different ways, leaving the meaning up for interpretation. It has also spread to social media sites, like Tik Tok and is used frequently.

Gunna, who is often credited for starting the slang, says that the “P” in “Pushing P” stands for player, and if you are “Pushing P”, you are doing player moves.

No matter the interpretation, it is used to mean something positive.

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