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What Do You Lose by Using Your Phone to Access Media?

by Martha Simmonds

As you’re likely well aware at this point, smartphones have gotten to the point where they are used to access media that you would have viewed or listened to using larger, more powerful devices. This might be something that people interact with in an everyday kind of way, such as using social media apps or viewing content on video platforms, like YouTube. However, it can also extend further, from using your phone for higher budget content on platforms, like Netflix, to using your phone as a games console if you feel so inclined.

However, at this point, it’s worth asking yourself if the smaller hardware leads you to lose anything from these experiences.


Mobile games are home to a wide variety of exclusive experiences, from dedicated games, like Diablo Immortal or Raid Shadow Legends, to venues where you can play free casino games online. In this regard, the argument doesn’t apply as the experience was tailored to the format. However, in the case of ports of console and PC games, which were intended for larger hardware, it becomes a more multi-faceted answer.

While an effort has been made to adapt it to the mobile device in terms of control schemes, the lack of detail and shift to a much smaller screen can lose some of the atmosphere or detail in the artwork that might have previously been key to the overall artistic intention of the developer.

Movies and TV

The topic that this debate comes up about most often is movies and TV, for much the same reasons as previously mentioned with the artistic intention behind games, but the difference here is that there is no component of gameplay to take a higher degree of focus and diversify the argument.

The element of convenience is what draws people to watching content on their phones, and it can be a natural way to pass time in situations like a flight or something similar. However, some directors, such as David Lynch, have made it clear that they disagree with the concept of watching movies on mobile devices, due to the inability to appreciate the finer qualities of filmmaking.

You might have your own stance on this, but it’s worth being aware of what differences the format change can offer.


One form of entertainment that people might regularly use their phones for is music, being a natural way to pass the time and being heavily supported through both the hardware itself and the various apps that can allow you to easily listen to and discover music.

There is less of an argument to be had about loss of artistic intention here, as that might be something that ultimately comes down to the quality of your headphones or speakers, and your phone can help you to discover live performances near to you, which can help to bridge the gap between the different types of listening. It’s ultimately something that can enhance your connection to music as a whole and help you to get more into it in a way that might be difficult to do otherwise.

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