what not to do as customer service agent

What Not To Do As A Customer Service Agent

Without a speck of doubt, a large number of people will agree with us when we say that ever since the birth of telecom products, companies have rated the establishment of quality customer service as a key factor to the success of their businesses.

An obvious example would be that of a consumer who is thinking of switching from your company to its competitor as they are not satisfied with the service and/or product they are receiving from your organization.

In that case, if your company has a customer service team, it will have one last chance to convince the customer to keep subscribing to its service when they call to complain about it.

Alongside convincing customers from jumping ship, a customer service infrastructure is also advantageous to your business in a way that the complaints lodged to the department can be used to improve the relevant products and/or services.

Another way customer service helps your organization is by increasing the likelihood of it getting referrals. After all, there is simply no better advocate for your business than a customer who feels that your organization listens to them and resolves their issues.

In the internet age, that effect is even exaggerated as a happy customer can easily leave a review(s) of your offering(s) that will be seen by thousands of people.

Once we have resolved that your organization can really benefit from a good customer service department, the next step for us is to identify companies that are already known for their spectacular customer care facilities.

One of these brands is Xfinity. Whenever you ask the brand’s subscribers about the Xfinity Customer Service team, they always have good things to say about it. Today, we are going to be looking at everything the brand’s customer service team and other successful teams of that niche do not do in order to succeed in the field.

Disregarding Service Asks

Okay, imagine this scenario: you ordered shoes but you were sent the wrong color. You email the shoe brand’s customer service team not only to ask them about the exchange process but also to express your frustration about the inconvenience. How would you feel if the team did not even respond to your complaint, let alone resolve it!

In the case that you are thinking that it is very foolish of the shoe brand to not reply, we agree with you. Yet, according to the acclaimed Customer Service Benchmark Report, almost two out of three (62 percent) of the companies have done just that.

Not Resolving An Issue

Okay, not doing what was described in the preceding paragraph and responding to the customer’s complaint is a necessary step but it is definitely not all you need to do for your business to succeed. You also need to resolve the issue at hand for them!

According to research quoted in the Northridge Group State of Customer Service Experience report, as many as one out of ten customers implies that the issues they had reported were never resolved.

Making Customers Wait For A Long Time

Going back to the wrong shoe example: in the case that you called the shoe brand’s customer service agents instead of emailing them and they made you wait for tens of minutes, how frustrating would that be?

Remember to account for the fact that you are already inconvenienced by the delivery of the wrong product. All this is why brands should always make sure that their customers never wait too long.

Inadequately Educated Customer Service Agents

The tech giant Microsoft ranked poor employee knowledge as something that frustrates customers the most when it comes to customer service.

In the case that we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, it is not, after all, very difficult to see why. The agent we are calling is there to help us, yet he does not have the answers to our questions.

Dearth Of Etiquettes & Manners

The last thing any customer service agent should be doing is displaying bad manners. In the case that the already-distressed customer is treated badly, they are almost certain to jump ship and start subscribing to a competitor of the company the agent is working for.

It’s A Wrap!

We are optimistic this article will help you and your business deliver better customer service.

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