what's the difference between silver and gold tequila

What’s the Difference Between Silver and Gold Tequila?

Currently, tequila sales make up at least 18 percent of the global spirits category, proving the fact that tequila is among the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world. This drink comes in various hues, including silver and gold. So, what’s the difference between silver and gold tequila? This article answers this and other related queries.

What’s Gold Tequila?

Gold Tequila

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Gold tequila is a type of tequila with a golden hue. Also referred to as Joven tequila or brown tequila, gold tequila is usually aged for two to twelve months in oak barrels. This tequila takes on the hues and flavor of the oak barrels it’s aged in.

Gold tequila is quite expensive because it undergoes a more multifaceted aging and seasoning process to give it a smoother and savory finish. That’s why it’s ranked as a top-shelf distilled spirit. Therefore, gold tequila is worth the extra cost.

Its smooth texture and rich flavor make it easier to drink. You can either drink it neat or mix it with salt and lime juice. Some restaurants use gold tequila to prepare different cocktails.

The flavor of gold tequila depends on the type of barrels it’s aged in, but most gold tequilas have a mellow flavor with a slight hint of oak. The aging process allows the beverage to acquire its excellent flavor and golden color naturally.

What’s Silver Tequila?

Silver Tequila

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Silver tequila is a type of tequila that hasn’t undergone the aging process. It’s usually bottled straight from the distiller. But some distillers allow their silver tequila to rest in the distillation tanks for a few weeks before they bottle it and send it to the market.

Since this tequila doesn’t age to acquire a different flavor, it’s in its purest form and has the original taste of the agave plant. That’s why it’s commonly referred to as the “essence of tequila”. It offers you the most genuine, unadulterated form of blue agave with zero additives.

Silver tequila is colorless and less expensive than gold tequila because it doesn’t go through the costly aging process. You can use it to make margaritas or take it neat. This tequila is also a perfect sipper.

Silver tequila has a smooth, crystal-clear finish, which makes it the perfect drink for sipping. It’s also a great foundation for various cocktails. Most silver tequilas are made from the original blue agave plant.

3 Differences Between Silver and Gold Tequila

main differences

There are several notable differences between silver tequila and gold tequila. You need to understand these differences so that you can make an informed choice when choosing what to drink. Here are the main differences between silver tequila and gold tequila.

1. Color

The first one is, obviously, the color. Silver tequila is crystal clear while gold tequila is golden or brown. As noted above, gold tequila develops a golden hue during the aging process.

Since silver tequila doesn’t sit in oak barrels for months, it retains its original appearance. Gold tequila, on the other hand, can be golden, amber, brown, or caramel, depending on the type of wood used to make the barrels it’s aged in and the duration it’s aged for. All types of tequila are crystal clear when they leave the distillation tanks.

So, silver tequila is bottled immediately after distillation. That’s why it retains its clear hue. However, some tequila brands are now adding colors to their silver tequilas to make them stand out on the shelves. However, the Mexican federal government created a law in 2013 prohibiting tequila distillers and suppliers from coloring their beverages.

2. Taste

The two types of tequila also taste different. Silver tequila has a very strong blue agave flavor because it’s bottled immediately after distillation, while gold tequila has a mellow taste of oak. Silver tequila’s strong taste can be quite harsh to some people. That’s why they use salt and lemon juice to chase silver tequila shots or prepare cocktails.

Through aging, gold tequila acquires a smooth and flavorful taste, making it easy to drink neat or use in cocktails and other mixed drinks. The caramel coloring gives it a unique and alluring appearance on the shelves and in the glass.

3. Cost

Since silver tequila doesn’t undergo a prolonged aging process, it’s readily available in the market. This makes it a regular drink that you can find at any liquor store or restaurant. The strong, acidic taste of blue agave in silver tequila puts some people off.

So, the drink is not in high demand. This has forced distillers and suppliers to lower their prices to encourage more consumers to buy. Gold tequila, on the other hand, is quite expensive because it has to sit in aging barrels for up to 12 months. The longer the aging process, the fewer gold tequila drinks are on the market.

Another reason why gold tequila is more expensive than silver tequila is its smooth, rich taste. As the drink sits in the oak barrel, it acquires a suave, rich flavor from the oak, which makes it easy to drink straight or as part of a cocktail. The longer it sits in a barrel, the smoother it becomes.

Some gold tequila brands can cost up to $54.99 per 750ml bottle, while the same bottle of silver tequila can cost up to $35.99. Despite the high cost of gold tequila, it remains the optimal choice for many tequila fans because of its rich flavor. Its high demand and protracted aging process force distillers to increase its price intermittently.

Which Is Better?

After reading the information above, you could be uncertain about which one to go for. Well, if you prefer your tequila shots to have the sweetness of blue agave with a slight hint of spice, then silver tequila is your choice. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on liquor, silver tequila is the ideal option.

It also goes well with a wide variety of mixed drinks and cocktails, including margaritas. In terms of health benefits, silver tequila takes the first position because it doesn’t have any additives that might contain naturally-occurring sugars that are bad for your health. Since silver tequila is bottled in its original form straight from the distiller, it doesn’t have carbohydrates or added sugar, making it healthy and safe for you, especially if you are watching your weight.

But if you want to have tequila shots straight without chasing them or mixing them with anything else, then you should have gold tequila. Different gold tequilas come with different flavors, depending on the type of barrels they’re aged in and the flavorings added.

For instance, you can find gold tequila with sweet, vanilla, oak, or cinnamon flavor. If you have enough money to spend on your liquor and make a statement at the party, gold tequila is the right choice. Unfortunately, some of the flavorings added to gold tequila might have added and naturally occurring sugars. So, if you’re already overweight or you don’t want to add more weight, gold tequila might not be the right choice for you.

Nevertheless, the choice you make depends on your preference because ultimately there’s no wrong choice of tequila, especially when you are in the company of friends or relatives.

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