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Where to Watch Uncensored Anime Videos: Free or Paid?

When you love anime, you likely wonder two things: is it possible to watch it uncensored, and is it possible to watch it for free? By most accounts, this is a gray area because the answers to these two questions depend solely on the website you end up finding. In reality, most anime websites offer uncensored content, but if you want to watch something that is graphic or risque, you may have to choose Blu-ray alternatives.


Anime productions are extremely popular, and depending on exactly what you’re looking for, the content may be simple or difficult to find. In many cases, after the anime is broadcast it is then released uncensored on Blu-ray, and you can find almost anything on Blu-ray. But if you don’t want to go that route because it is complex or cumbersome, the key is to find a website that allows you to watch this type of content.

What do moviemakers censor these days? Most often it is graphic violence such as decapitations and more, strong sexual content, and even drug use, including smoking. Amazon Prime Video is one of the websites that allows you to watch uncensored anime because it doesn’t censor anything; however, they offer very few exclusive videos.

It’s also good to keep in mind that more often than not, you can only watch anime online since most of it isn’t found on satellite TV. Therefore, if you want to watch the most controversial or exciting anime videos, you’ll need some type of anime streaming service, and fortunately, there are quite a few of these.

Of course, there are pros and cons to each of the streaming services you’ll find, and below are some of the top services available, along with a description of each to help you decide which one is right for you.

1. Gogoanime.in

While you do get ads and pop-ups with this site, and therefore a pop-up- and ad-blocker is recommended, it offers uncensored streaming and has a huge selection of videos to choose from. It offers both subs and dubs and is not region-specific, which is one of its biggest assets. It also doesn’t show age ratings and, therefore, you’ll need to do some research on the videos first to get an idea of what it will be showing you.

Gogoanime also has an auto-play function and overall good quality until you get to 720p. In addition, the video player offers options such as rewind, volume control, download, quality, full screen, and a few others. Also, you may have to refresh it occasionally because the servers die down sometimes. Overall, though, this site gets good ratings from its viewers and is especially good considering it’s free.

2. 9Anime

The 9Anime site does have those sometimes annoying pop-ups and ads, but it is a great site nonetheless because it offers uncensored streaming and will preload the video so that you get a continuous, uninterrupted streaming service. You can stream up to 1080p and it offers all dubs and subs for your convenience. Some of the many advantages of this site include the number of HD animes available and its excellent website interface, among others.

Some of the disadvantages of 9Anime include its video player, which isn’t top-notch, and the fact that it will sometimes cut off intros and outros. Also, some of the links surrounding the site are on the inappropriate side, and the auto-play feature is appreciated by some people and a pain in the butt to others. Still, this is a good global streaming service that anyone can enjoy, and the selection of videos is second to none.

3. Masterani.me

With subs only and no dubs, this site offers great user interface and one of the fastest upload times available. It has a good selection of anime videos to enjoy and even has HD videos for extra-high quality. In fact, when it comes to free streaming services, Masterani is one of the very best. The animes are available from 360p to 1080p, and the videos are streamed uncensored and without any watermarks on them.

The only disadvantage to this site listed by users is the fact that you do have to put up with ads and pop-ups, but the site has a good video player, is not region-specific, and has an upload time that is faster than most other sites. Indeed, in many ways the UI on this site puts a lot of paid-for sites to shame, it is just that good.

4. KissAnime

With both subs and dubs, the KissAnime streaming service offers tons of videos to choose from so you are guaranteed to find something you can’t wait to watch. It offers full seasons and series, movies, and OVAs, and it is specially designed for people who don’t have access to region-specific or paid websites. Although it is a good website overall, it does have several disadvantages, including ads and pop-ups, captchas, ad-block blockers, and it mutes intros and outros.

In addition, the KissAnime site has a bad interface on its mobile version and it doesn’t work with mini browsers. You also have to put up with a watermark. Nevertheless, it has a large selection of videos and is perfect for people who either can’t or aren’t willing to pay for their streaming services. It will also preload your anime videos, although this feature is browser-specific.

5. KickAssAnime

The KickAssAnime website provides perks such as both subs and dubs, uncensored streaming of tons of videos, and even access to HD anime videos for extra-high quality. It is not region-specific and has such a great collection of videos that you are certain to find something you look forward to watching.

In fact, not a lot is actually known about this site, other than the fact that it is one people usually love once they find it. But once you get on the site, you’ll have access to tons of colorful exciting videos for people of all interest levels.

What About Paid Websites?

If you want truly uncensored content for your anime videos, it’s sometimes best to go to a paid site. While the free sites offer quite a lot considering you aren’t paying for them, the paid sites usually give you a little more control over finding what you want. If you’re interested in streaming uncensored anime videos and you’re willing to pay for them, here are some sites worth considering:

1. YouTube (www.youtube.com)
2. Funimation (www.funimation.com)
3. Hulu (www.hulu.com)
4. Netflix (www.netflix.com)
5. Crunchyroll (www.crunchyroll.com)
6. Tubi (www.tubitv.com)
7. Crackle (www.crackle.com)

Some Final Thoughts

The popularity of anime videos is not likely to wane anytime soon, which is why the streaming services that offer access to this type of entertainment are so popular. While you can’t just turn on your television set and watch the anime videos you wish to watch, censored or uncensored, the free and paid streaming services make it super easy to do just that.

Also, keep in mind that some of these sites will drop access to videos for going “over the line” when it comes to sexual content, drug use, and so on. That’s what Funimation did recently with a video that had too much sex in it.

Image Source: Anime photo by keichianime2003-Under Creative Commons License

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