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who will pick up junk for free

Your Guide to Knowing Who Will Pick up Junk for Free

by Martha Simmonds

Unwanted junk strewn around your home can be an eye-sore. And when you move or are done with major cleaning, you see piles of clutter all around. The next dilemma is how you can get rid of this junk. Who will pick up junk for free and help keep your house clutter-free?

The good news is there are several junk removal services that you can approach to get rid of junk for free! Read on to learn all about them and keep your home organized and clean.

What Are Free Junk Removal Services?


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Free junk removal services are private and public organizations that will collect various items such as furniture, books, clothes, and other household items for free.

The things that these junk removal services gather from your home are used to provide assistance to different non-profit organizations or help other people who can still use and benefit from your secondhand goods.

Instead of letting your junk deteriorate until it becomes completely unusable, you can seek the services of these free junk removal services to give a second life to your things while also helping other people.

This is a win-win way to declutter and free up space on your property instead of simply throwing your things away.

How To Find Free Junk Removal Services

Searching online is the easiest and most convenient way to find free junk removal services near you. You can look up these organizations online where you will also find their contact details. Then, all you have to do is reach out, coordinate what you want them to do, and make sure to read up on each organization’s dos and don’ts.

Using social media is another way to find free junk removal services. You will just have to post on your profile and go through the comments and recommendations of your friends and family.

5 Services Who Will Pick Up Junk For Free

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#1. Charity Pickup

Coordinate with your local charities such as the Salvation Army, The Arc, Habitat for Humanity, Furniture Bank, and Good Will who may be willing to pick up and dispose of your furniture, household goods, and clothes.

These organizations can use furniture for bedrooms, lobbies, and breakout rooms. Don’t forget that these agencies and shelters can also give your no-longer-needed items to families that need them, like giving your children’s pre-loved clothes and toys to orphanages and children’s centers.

#2. Yard Waste

If you don’t want to compost your yard waste, you can coordinate with your local trash removal company, especially during particular seasons. During fall, for instance, they can pick up your yard debris so long as they are properly bagged.

Your local parks or recreational organizations can also pick up your Christmas trees and natural holiday ornaments like twigs. They will use this junk to create mulch and organic matter for the gardens and trails.

Some cities also have a bulk trash day. Check if your city offers this service and where you can put all your unwanted items on a designated alley or curb so that the city will pick them up on a specific day.

#3. Social Media

If you have items that are still usable and in good condition, other people may be interested in them. For example, an old swing set or a couple of chairs are very useful. You can post it on social media like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and Craigslist and emphasize in your caption that the items are free but with pickup only.

If people show interest, you can arrange when they can visit your home to take the junk away. This is not an instant way to get rid of your junk, but it will eventually reduce your clutter. Besides, you will also be happy knowing that your unwanted items are proving to be useful to others.

#4. Leave It Outside For Those In Need

This may apply only to functional and unwanted furniture where you leave it out by the curb and allow whoever scavenges to claim your junk. This is a convenient way to get rid of your old furniture and mattresses, but you have to be conscious of the weather. Nobody would want a mattress drenched in rain.

To minimize your front property from appearing too messy, you can bring out several things in batches instead of piling everything at once. Make sure you give your community housing organization a heads-up about doing this because there are certain places where this is not permitted.

#5. Easy Donation Pick Up

This professional service might be the best option for folks living in Los Angeles and Orange County if you want your junk to be picked up and disposed of for free.

Easy Donation Pick Up is under the National Veterans Foundation (NVF). The donations they can collect are used to support the US Armed Forces veterans and their families. It can also be a source of funds for the different NVF advocacies and counseling the soldiers need.

What Junk Removal Companies Won’t Take


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Most junk removal companies are willing to take almost everything off your hands. However, hazardous wastes and other specific items are often complete no-nos.

It’s a good idea to label your boxes and bags so the junk removal people are aware of the contents of the bags and boxes.

Avoid items like open paint cans, tanks and oil drums, old tires, and chemicals like gasoline, solvent, and other materials that contain asbestos. These are hazardous items and should be handled and disposed of properly to ensure everybody’s safety.

You should also not include leaking, flammable, and corrosive items.

Before the scheduled pick-up, it is best to proactively ask for the items that these junk removal companies do not accept to save time and effort. It will also let you find alternative ways of disposing of these items.

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