why do we dance

Why Do We Dance?

Moving to the beat of the music is something that comes naturally to us from a very young age.

Hence our enthusiasm for concerts, so most of the time, we find ourselves in a situation when our natural instinct for listening to music and dancing pushes us to buy our favorite performer concert tickets from marketplaces such as GotStubs.

The only conclusion we can draw from this is that dancing is good for our health. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to let the beat carry us along. A multitude of studies all over the world has confirmed this. People who dance are happier. Why?

Dating back to prehistoric times, the art of dancing has always been a significant aspect of our society and history. Whether as part of a ritual, as a pastime, or as a career, dance and music have long been a part of our life.

Experiencing dance as a form of expression and communication while also being able to experience new experiences with the body, mind, and spirit is what it is all about.

Dancers, teachers, and students in this industry have as many reasons as there are experiences to draw from when deciding why they dance.

The general public is in agreement that dancing is a full-body exercise that promotes sensations of excitement and pleasure because of the numerous mind-body connections we make with ourselves and our surroundings.

At first, it appears to be a task, and it appears to be difficult, but after a while, it becomes an infinitely pleasurable activity, and eventually, it becomes a passion. There is no scientific explanation for why we like to dance, but here are some of the reasons why we might like it.

Dancing is something we do without thinking

It is something we do when we feel attracted to someone, we love the closeness that allows us to dance intertwined, and even if it is not one of those dances, just rubbing your hand, can be achieved through a pretext such as dancing.

It makes us relax

We are able to forget about our daily routines and allow ourselves to be whisked away by the music we enjoy listening to as well as by the dance’s movements when we engage in dancing.

When we dance, we are entirely engrossed in the music and forget about the rest of the world.

It’s a good exercise

Many people have discovered the physical benefits of being carried away by a dance session, and it is true that dancing, like swimming, helps us burn calories and maintain our fitness levels.

We get more social

We, as humans, love interactions and dancing makes that always easier. Dancing in a group pulls people who before did not even know each other closer together via their shared experience.

It’s common for people to come to the dance in search of fresh experiences, a change of scenery, or an opportunity to try something utterly new and different.

We go to dances because we want to learn the latest dancing movements, because we may be feeling lonely or bored with our everyday routines, and because we are seeking for something new and exciting to do.

This is an excellent way to meet more people and have a more diverse social network. Knowing that you and another individual have a passion for dancing in common might help you establish friends, and who knows, you might even find your soul match. That’s the allure of dancing, after all.

We do it by instinct

Dancing is a form of meditation. It’s possible that our innate need to dance stems from the fact that it was one of the first activities that humans established when they first organized themselves into groups and tribes.

Prehistoric people were capable of much more than merely hunting, gathering, and keeping the fire going. Dancing has always had an element of initiatory and ritual significance to it.


Even after all that has been stated, it doesn’t matter why we dance; it is one of those activities that we enjoy doing and that keeps us excited, in addition to serving as a form of relaxation and escape. We dance because it is part of our cultural heritage and because it is a feature of all civilizations’ celebratory traditions.

After considering all of these advantages and the support of a large number of studies demonstrating the physical and mental benefits of dancing, what is there to keep you from taking to the dance floor in a big way and enjoying a good concert?

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