why hr solution needs to be tested

Why Your HR Solution Needs To Be Tested

The world has already managed to make sure that how well an HR specialist performs his duties, the more efficient and streamlined the work in a team will be. Practice shows that introducing new technologies in this industry makes it possible to simplify and optimize many processes as much as possible.

However, for these solutions to work well, they must be well tested in advance; otherwise, they will do more harm than good.

Why is the HR system so important?

Modern technologies today help to simplify work in many industries, and HR is no exception. Today, many large recruitment agencies or departments in large corporations seek to develop solutions to help select personnel.

Today this includes:

  • Automatic answering machines;
  • Chatbots;
  • Smart resume parsers;
  • Special programs for monitoring the working environment in the company and more.

So, in cities with a population of one million, hundreds of people can contact a large company every day in search of work. During the first interview stage, they can chat with an answering machine or a chatbot.

Here he will be asked standard questions (name, age, vacancy, previous work experience, and personal ambitions). The system itself can select the most suitable applicants in its opinion and transfer their data to a specialized specialist.

Of course, the final hiring decision can only be made after personal communication between the HR specialist and the candidate. Still, new technologies make it possible to simplify the process of selecting people for an interview as much as possible.

However, after people are hired, HR continues to monitor them. Modern solutions allow you to automatically record the number of delays, overall performance, the dependence of the desire to work on the size of the bonus, and many other indicators.

It allows you to identify the weak link in the team, find new ways to punish lousy work and reward good jobs, who should be promoted and who should be fired.

Such systems can be beneficial for any company, but before implementing them, you need to ensure that they work correctly.

The TestFort testing HR service is not a breakthrough in the testing industry, but it allows you to identify the slightest errors that can affect the quality of work still at the stage of hiring employees.

Why is software testing so important?

Many developers forget or deliberately neglect testing when creating HR solutions to cut costs, speed up product releases, or simply lazily. However, in no case should you ignore this, because otherwise, you will get a low-quality product with a lot of errors.

To ensure the system works correctly, specialists create metrics for quality assurance. It allows you to make a deeper study of all the functions of the product. In addition, it is essential to do manual testing to understand how user-friendly the program’s interface is, whether all buttons work, how long it takes to load, and much more.

If the specialist finds bugs, they send them to the developer for correction. After the edits are made, it is also necessary to make another round of testing.

How is testing done?

Before starting testing, you must immediately study the original project documentation and understand what functions it should perform in theory. It should be understood that there is often a significant difference between the plan and the finished product.

Next, experts create pilot groups. Ideally, this should include not only programmers but also HR specialists and ordinary users. It will allow you to view the program from different angles.

Testing can be divided into 2 large groups: functional and non-functional testing types. In the first case, it is necessary to study all the functions carefully, whether the program can fulfill its intended goals.

In most cases, code-reading and special programs are used to check how the program will behave in a critical situation.

As for non-functional testing, this suggests:

  • UX testing;
  • Performance testing;
  • Compatibility testing.

You have to understand how convenient and practical the product is. It must have a straightforward interface. All elements should be conveniently located, not overlap each other. Ideally, all functions should be available in 3 clicks.

You also need to check compatibility with various devices. It should be very effective for both PCs and tablets.
After each pilot group has finished working, the testers collect all the feedback and process the results of the programs.

The received data is further processed and systematized, and a report is created. Additionally, results are transferred to developers.


Software testing is a fairly complex process that requires a lot of knowledge and skills. However, it is impossible to do without it since you risk the quality of the finished product. It will not take much time and money, but the benefits of this cannot be overestimated.

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