why tidying your home helps boost your mood

Why Tidying Your Home Helps Boost Your Mood

The link between a clean space and positive mental health has been studied for centuries, and it’s confirmed that the simple sight of an organized home can de-stress you after a hard day. While the thought of cleaning may be a hard hurdle to tackle, once you establish a consistent routine, you can remove the negative impacts of clutter and enjoy a boost in your mood.

Benefits of Decluttering and Cleaning

Research has found that cleaning has multiple positive effects on mental health, such as a long-lasting calming effect, an engaged mind, and a heightened feeling of control. 

Gain a Sense of Control

A clean house is an easy first step to take if you feel you’re struggling with uncertainties. Since cleaning is approachable due to the low cost of cleaning products and the minimal skill level, you can start at any time. The repetitive nature of cleaning can distract you from a difficult moment, and an organized environment can help you feel like there’s order amidst the chaos.

Gives Space for More Items

A clean counter, table, or bookshelf may look less cluttered, but it can also make the space feel empty. If you have had a lot of clutter, you may avoid buying little luxuries like newborn baby flowers for the nursery or extra seating in the living room to keep your guests comfortable. When you clean your space, you’ll suddenly have more surface area for necessities, as well.

Improves Physical Health

The average person loses 100 strands of hair each day, and all of that hair gathers on your furniture and carpets. If you have pets, you’ll see fur, dust, dead bugs, skin, and dander build up faster. You can reduce your risk of insomnia, muscle tension, and heart conditions by cleaning weekly. People who keep their homes clean are more active, healthier, and live longer lives.

Reduces Risk of Depression

If a person doesn’t have an issue with a cluttered space, their mood isn’t likely to wane, but someone who thrives on organization may develop depression in a messy space. Unfinished projects within the homeowner’s eyesight could lead to worsening depression and higher cortisol levels. On the flip side, a clean home produces more serotonin and dopamine.

May Help Reduce Tension and Confusion

A messy house can cause more tension in all muscle groups, increasing the prevalence of headaches and migraines. If your space feels overwhelming, you are more likely to feel confused or irritable. Without the mess, the area will promote feelings of relaxation and control, which will reduce uncertainty and indecision when faced with a difficult situation.

Increases Task Focus

Clutter is associated with unfinished business and a lack of completeness to the brain, which can be very stressful for some people. The chaos in your area can make it difficult to focus, but a clean living environment can help you zone in on a project. Remove anything your brain finds distracting and only keep essential objects or items with a sentimental value close by.

All Above Benefits Improve Your Mood

Aside from all the benefits of a cleaner home, everything discussed in this article inevitably leads to a better overall mood. A clean home can reduce your anxiety, nervousness and may improve the likelihood of mental inspiration. Clean sheets specifically can lead to a better night’s sleep, which provides a whole host of benefits, including reduced fatigue and BMI. 

With more sleep, physical activity, and cleaner air, you will come to notice you feel happier and less negative. You’ll need to clean regularly to continuously benefit from an organized home, so start small by tackling one room at a time. Set a timer to see how long it takes to accomplish each cleaning task, and involve others if you’re busy, incapacitated, or overwhelmed.

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