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8 Tips for Your Winter Skin Care Routine

Several people ask if they need to change their skincare routine during winter. And the answer is yes! Winter is harsh on your skin as the cold weather makes your skin dry and flaky. Thus, it needs more love, pampering, and hydration. Therefore, you must slightly change your skincare routine to nourish your skin. You will have itchy and dry skin if you lack in this area. Also, if your skin tone is already dry, it will add to your troubles.

Here are a few tips to get radiant, healthy, and hydrated skin in winter. Try them and include them in your everyday routine to have glowing skin.

1. Wear sunscreen every day

People usually don’t wear sunscreen in winter, especially if they live in cloudy or snowy areas. However, you should because sun protection is all year. Snow and clouds can let many sun rays pass directly onto your face. Also, in countries with harsh winters and high sun rays, people usually sit outside in the sun, soaking it up. For them, it is extremely necessary to slather sunscreen on the face, neck, and other exposed parts. It will refrain your skin from drying up. It will also keep you safe from skin issues, like blemishes.

2. Work extra hard to take care of your lips and eyes.

The skin around your eyes and lips is extra sensitive. It has thin skin. Thus, winters can make it extra dry, flaky, or lead to pigmentation. Therefore, protecting them with the correct products is necessary. For instance, use serums or oils to lock in the moisture under your eyes. You can use balms before putting on lipstick to ensure your lips have a barrier against the chilly winds.

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3. Find a suitable body moisturizer.

Most individuals focus on their face and neck. However, nourishing your entire body is necessary to keep it hydrated in winter. Your legs and arms will get dry or itchy if you don’t use a hydrating body moisturizer. Therefore, the first thing after the bath should be putting the moisturizer on damp skin to ensure it stays longer. For winter, it is best to get a moisturizer with shea butter, aloe vera, and coconut oil.

4. Don’t ignore those hands.

When you are heading outside in winter, you layer up. Right? To protect yourself from the cold, this is the best thing. Also, layering keeps you warm, which helps protect the skin by keeping it warm and not exposing it to harsh weather. However, what about your hands? Even if you wear gloves, it will protect you from cold, not ensure the hands don’t dry out. Thus, ensure you layer up with a hand cream perfect for your skin. Knowing tips to buy hand cream will ensure you get a cream that keeps it hydrated and smooth.

5. Buy products according to your skin type.

If you have oily skin and you buy cosmetic/skincare products for dry skin, it will not work. It will only clog your pores. So, your winter skincare routine should have products that suit your skin type. That means understanding the skin tone and researching before buying products.

6. Have a humidifier

In the winter months, the moisture in the air is less. Therefore, it makes the air in the home or office drier. Thus, a humidifier is imperative as it adds moisture to your home or office. And moisture is necessary to keep your skin hydrated. So, invest in a quality humidifier and show some love to your skin.

7. Use vitamin -C serum.

If your skin is dull or saggy, start wearing vitamin-C serum all year round. In winter, it helps you better by increasing the production of collagen. However, not everyone needs vitamin-C serum. When in doubt, talk to your dermatologist.

8. Say no to extra hot showers/baths.

People love taking hot baths/showers in winter. However, it can rip the moisture from your skin. So avoid it or reduce its quantity and moisturize immediately afterward.

To conclude, using the right products, sunscreen, consistency, and eating well is the key to healthy winter skin. Thus, use these tips and say bye-bye to flaky & dry skins even in harsh winter climates.

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