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Positivity Boost: 81 Positive Words That Start With R

Words are loaded with meaning and power; the power to impact the way you see others, and the way they see you. They can also be a mighty tool that can help you shape your reality into a more positive one if used properly.

Here is a selection of positive words that start with R for your reading pleasure. Positive words and an attitude to match can make a huge difference and change your day to day life for the better. You can also use them to expand your vocabulary and bring some cheer to the lives of others.

Get ready to rumble with some roaring positive words that start with R! The change starts now, and it starts with you!

Selected Empowering Positive Words That Start With R

Rabid — completely devoted to a cause. Zealous in belief or support of something.

Rapt — completely immersed in what is happening, blown away.

Rave — an extremely positive recommendation or praise.

Ravishing — evoking positive delight.

Rectify — to sort out, correct. To put things back in order.

Regnant — possessing the greatest influence. Dominant or reigning.

Renown — the condition of being known and respected by many people. Famous.

Reputable — well respected. Possessing a good reputation.

Respectful — humble and admiring. Polite, civil, and gallant.

Rhapsodic — extremely emotional. Delightfully poetic.

Riley — valiant. Courageous and brave.

Rigorous — extremely throughout and careful. Meticulous, punctual, and diligent.

Robust — strong. Healthy, powerful, and tough. When talking about food and drinks it means rich in flavor and smell.

Rollicking — lively, boisterous. Full of life and positive energy.

Roseate — optimistic, bright, cheerful, and hopeful.

Rip-snorter or ripsnorter — opposite of dull. Attention grabber.

Resolute — purposeful and determined. Admirably unwavering.

Resounding — assuring, affirming. Can also mean empathic or unmistakeable.

Retort — sharp, witty, and snappy response.

Rapid — quick, fast. Happening at a brisk pace or at a great rate.

Regal — majestic, grandiose, impressive. Fitting for a king. Magnificent and dignified.

Rugged — robust, sturdy, and strong. A person who is tough and determined and able to cope with difficult situations.

Rorty — lively, sporty. Boisterous and high-spirited.

Right-minded — having a sound mind and principles. Decent, ethical, honest, and just.

Resilient — strong, tough, hardy. Able to get quickly back in action after tough times.

Responsible — accountable. In charge of something. Being in control of someone or something as a part of the job or duty.

Ripping — excellent, splendid, fine.

Righteous — righteous, upstanding, worthy. Morally right or justifiable.

Rambunctious — unrestrained, exuberant, irrepressible. Hard to control or stop.

Raring — keen, enthusiastic. Very eager to do something.

Positive Words That Start With R to Describe Beauty, Charm, and Pleasure

Racy — lively, entertaining, and sexually arousing.

Ravishing — stunning, gorgeous. Extremely good looking.

Ritzy — luxurious. Expensively stylish.

Riveting — completely engrossing. Attention-grabbing and captivating.

Raillery — good-humored teasing. Playful banter.

Refulgent — shining a bright light. Beaming and radiantly bright.

Retrousse — a word to describe a person’s nose when it’s small and upturned at the end in a nice way.

Revel — to celebrate, enjoy, and make merry. A festivity that involves drinking and dancing.

Rejoice — happiness, pleasure, delight. The feeling of great elation.

Risible — comical, amusing, funny. Causing laughter by being ridiculous.

Romantic — beneficial to, or characteristic for expressions of love. Can also be used to describe someone with an idealistic interpretation of reality.

Ruddy — used to describe a person’s face, when it has a healthy red tone.

Rustic — charming due to its simple, homely nature. Homespun and pleasant.

Resplendent — splendid, dazzling, glittering, glowing. Attractive and impressive due to a rich color palette and glamour.

Revealing — a piece of clothing that is showing more than usual, provoking the imagination.

Roister — revel, carouse, frolic. To enjoy something in a loud and extroverted way.

Use These Positive Words That Start With R to Denote Intelligence, Skill, and Wisdom

Reinvigorate — to give a new surge of energy or strength to someone or something.

Rejuvenate — to make someone or something feel better, more youthful, and vital.

Refuge — a place or situation that brings safety and shelter.

Recherche — esoteric, abstruse, rare, exotic, or obscure.

Resilience — the ability to quickly recover from a rough situation. Toughness.

Revere — to feel deep respect and admiration for someone or something.

Revivify — to give new life and vigor to something, to bring it back to life.

Redivivus — reborn, restored. Living again.

Reflective — thoughtful. Astute. Categorized by deep thought.

Reconciliation — the act of making peace with someone else’s beliefs even if they are different than yours. Also, the act of restoring friendships.

Rebirth — in some religions, it is the process of being reincarnated and born again. Otherwise, it can mean a period of new life and activity.

Recuperation — recovery from an illness. Also used to refer to regaining something.

Redeem — to justify and vindicate. To compensate for the faulty aspects of something.

Rigorous — a person who is extremely devoted to their beliefs. In everyday conversation, it can be used to denote someone who is extremely thorough and careful.

Reliability — the quality of being trustworthy. It can also be used to refer to something that is consistently doing well.

Reverent — worshiping, adoring. Feeling or showing deep and solemn respect.

Revelation — divine or supernatural disclosure of a secret to mankind. In regular speech, it means a surprising and previously unknown fact that has become known to others.

Rewardable — worthy of deserving an award, mostly due to religious or moral qualities.

Bonus — Some More Positive Words That Start With R to Brighten Your Day

Rainmaker or rain-maker — an influential person who can use their skills to bring success to an enterprise or to reinvigorate it.

Rutilant — glowing or beaming with a golden or radiant red light.

Reap — to receive benefits from past actions.

Reciprocal — corresponding, requited. Something that’s given in return.

Renaissance — revival or renewal. Regained interest in something.

Retentive — gifted with good memory and attention to detail.

Rejoinder — comeback, a particularly witty, snappy, and humorous response.

Resource — resource, measure, method. An action or strategy to be applied in adverse situations.

Refine — to make (small) changes that improve or clarify something.

Reclaimable — recyclable. Capable of being reused. Can also be synonymous with useful.

Reachable — accessible, obtainable, easy to reach.

Replete — filled, full, well-stocked. Loaded with something.

Reverence — acclaim, admiration. A deep respect for someone or something.

Repose — rest, relaxation. A state of calm body and soul.

Rib-tickler — a very amusing joke or a story that makes you laugh out loud.

Riposte — counter, retort. A quick and clever response to an insult or criticism.

Razzmatazz — an attention-grabbing activity that’s hard to ignore. Synonymous with razzle-dazzle in the States.

Conclusion — What the Positive Words That Start With R Can Do for You

The way you talk about the world affects the way you see it. That, in turn, has a powerful influence on how you treat your surroundings. The way you interpret your reality impacts the world around you and how it responds to your actions. It’s all a part of a single powerful chain reaction.

If you feel like it’s time to try and change your world for the better, try using these positive words that start with R in your writing and your daily communication. Bit by bit, small changes like this one will come together and make your world a better, brighter, more positive place.

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