Travelling In A Car With Animals

Travelling In A Rental Car With Animals: What Is Important To Keep In Mind

In many situations, a rental car is the most convenient and rational way to travel even with your lovely pet. When travelling far abroad, for example to the Emirates, it is often impossible to take a personal car with you. In this case, rental companies offer Dubai cars for rent.

If you decide to choose exotic cars rental for a trip with your dog or cat, you need to find out how the rental company thinks about it. Some companies provide their own vehicles without any problems, while others exclude this possibility or significantly limit the list of vehicles. You will be offered an inexpensive and not the newest car, which is understandable as not every pet is clean and well-mannered. There is no point in hiding your intention to travel with your tailed friend from the company. To avoid fines, it is better to look for a company that is friendly to animals.

Transporting animals by car at first glance seems like a tedious and difficult task, but if you think about it, it’s not so scary, because travelling with a dog or cat in a personal or rented car is one of the most convenient ways to show your four-legged friend the world! Let’s talk about the rules for transporting animals by car and talk about how to make the trip comfortable and joyful for all participants.

Test Drive

If you have not previously travelled in a rented car with a pet, then test drive a short distance. So that he gets used to these sensations. This will reduce stress and anxiety on a long journey in a rented car. Veterinarians recommend not to start accustoming to a car with a trip to the doctor, so that the animal does not have the reflex: car = unpleasant sensations.

Buckle Up

During the trip, do not allow your pet to move freely around the cabin, as animals often cause accidents. It is better to fasten the dog with a special belt, and place the cat in a carrier and secure it so that the cat does not get injured. And do not carry pets in the front seat, where they could be injured by the airbag.

If possible, transport your dog not in the trunk, but in the back seat. The most convenient ways to transport dogs in the back seats of a car are to use belts, vests, tents and hammocks. In this case, the seats must be covered with a cushion made of waterproof fabric so as not to spoil the interior of the rented car. You should not put a collar on your pet: it can be injured by any tug.

But if it is not possible to place your pet in the back seat, you need to properly arrange the space in the trunk: put a mattress or put a plastic box for transportation.

What Food To Take For The Pet On The Road?

It is advisable to feed your beloved pet no later than 4 hours before the start of the trip.

If the journey in a rental car is long enough, then you can take special edible bones or tiles, some dry food and a tank of clean water on the road. Such food will not attract the attention of insects, will not flow or crumble.

In the case where the animal is kept on a natural diet, it is better to prepare boiled dry meat or rice cooked in a double boiler in advance. Excess moisture can spoil food and it will quickly turn sour during the move. It is better to store food in airtight containers with tight lids, placed in a thermal bag.

Those animals that are prone to gastric upsets and generally have a hard time withstanding road adventures should be limited in their food intake during the move. At the same time, do not forget to periodically give them access to clean drinking water, especially in the summer.

Since even the shortest car rental trip can cause anxiety in the animal, and sometimes even panic, the owner should ensure that the first aid kit contains calming drops or tablets for the furry friend. The first signs of acute anxiety in cats and dogs are active salivation and continuous low howling.


Travelling with animals in a rented car is not a disaster, but an interesting adventure. The most important thing is to follow all safety precautions to ensure your four-legged friend’s safety and comfort. Thus, the trip will be fun and enjoyable for all participants.

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