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Positivity Boost: 114 Positive Adjectives That Start With A

Not only the alphabet but also an astounding number of words start with the letter “A.” Like everything else that you can say, those words may be used for good or ill; to uplift or put down. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of dissing or denigrating; I like what I say to make people smile. That is precisely why I’ve decided to make this list of positive adjectives that start with A.

General Excellence-Denoting Positive Adjectives That Start With A

A-OK — better than okay.

Abjunctive — outstanding; truly exceptional.

Absolute — universally valid; perfect; not comparable or relative to others.

Acceptable — meeting required parameters; deserving.

Accepted — having others’ approval; recognized as correct or proper.

Acclaimed — universally (or almost universally) approved of; praised by many.

Accomplished — successful; highly competent in one or more areas of expertise.

Accredited — sanctioned; officially approved, usually by an organization.

Acknowledged — recognized; accepted; possessing an important quality.

Adequate — satisfactory; meeting certain requirements.

Admirable — worthy of praise; outstanding.

Advanced — being ahead of others in some way.

Advantaged — ahead of others; possessing a quality or qualities that work in one’s favor.

Advisable — reasonable; being recommended.

Affluent — wealthy; possessing substantial resources; wielding great influence.

All-important — invaluable; most important.

Alright — in good condition; acceptable.

Amazing — impressive; phenomenal; inspiring awe in others.

Ameliorative — having the ability to improve things, people, etc.

Ample — grand; exceeding expectations; impressive in stature or scope.

Applied — committed; possessing a clear and well-defined purpose.

Apposite — fitting; well-adapted; the right choice.

Appreciated — treasured; recognized as being of value.

Appropriate — suitable; a good choice for one or more purposes.

Aristocratic — noble; possessing refined traits, commonly associated with nobility.

Ascending — on the rise; improving in power and/or influence.

Assurgent — possessing a tendency to rise.

Astonishing — magnificent; phenomenal; surprising to the point of being overwhelming.

Astounding — wonderful, but unexpectedly so.

Astronomical — vast; impressive in stature.

Positive Adjectives That Start With A That Signify Strength of Mind and Body

Able-minded — possessing an impressive and capable mind.

Abiding — resolute; not giving up or going away.

Able — possessing the necessary qualities to accomplish a task.

Able-bodied — fit; possessing a powerful body.

Academic — possessing a great education.

Accelerated — quick; faster than normal.

Accurate — precise; being capable of performing a task with a low chance of error.

Active — energetic; engaged; being in motion and working toward a goal.

Actual — current; existing; expressing the truth behind something.

Acuminous — deft; possessing a knack for something.

Acute — perceptive; having a profound understanding of something.

Adamant — determined; impervious to harm; unwavering in purpose.

Adamantine — unbreakable; being as hard as a diamond.

Adaptable — capable of changing one’s approach to better deal with a situation.

Adept — skilled; possessing a great assortment of knowledge.

Adherent — dedicated; committed to a goal, person, or idea.

Adjusted — accustomed; grown used to something.

Adroit — sharp; quick of wit; skilled.

Agile — dextrous; quick, either mentally, physically, or both.

Alert — on guard; prepared to spring into action; mindful of potential danger.

All-knowing — omniscient; knowing everything that is to know.

Allegiant — committed; unwavering in one’s devotion.

Ambitious — driven; having a powerful need or desire for success.

Apropos — the right fit for the current situation.

Apt — having a propensity for something; appropriate under the circumstances.

Artful — deft; displaying great skill and finesse.

Artistic — expressive; possessing the ability to imagine or create.

Assertive — proactive; taking action toward advancing one’s goals.

Assiduous — hard-working and attentive to detail.

Assured — certain; reliable; unwavering.

Astir — engaged; moving; ready for action.

Astute — clever; showing great judgment.

Athletic — physically powerful; having a developed physique.

Attentive — observant; paying close attention.

Positive Adjectives That Start With A That Celebrate Beauty

À la mode — fashionable; keeping up with what is currently considered hip.

Abloom — flowery; brimming with beauty, energy, and health.

Admired — appreciated; looked at with amazement.

Adonic — particularly handsome; possessing traits commonly attributed to Adonis.

Adorable — cute; lovable; inspiring positive emotion.

Adored — worshipped; being deeply loved and cherished.

Aesthetic — beautiful; decorative; being committed to beauty or art.

Aesthetical — having good taste, especially when it comes to visuals.

Ageless — timeless; always looking young; never seeming to grow old.

Aglow — glowing, usually metaphorically (“she was aglow with beauty”)

Alluring — attractive; seductive; arousing interest or desire.

Amative — being associated with the idea of love.

Amatory — amative; expressing love or the idea of love.

Ambrosial — godlike; possessing a fine scent.

Angelic — pure; being as beautiful as an angel; benevolent.

Aphrodisiac — arousing; inspiring or evoking sexual desire or excitement.

Appealing — attractive; being pleasant in some way.

Appetizing — inciting desire; stimulating (usually the appetite but not necessarily).

Ariose — melodic; musical; associated with harmony and pleasant sounds.

Aromatic — sweet-smelling; possessing a pleasant scent.

Arresting — striking; grabbing attention; standing out.

Attention-getting — having a tendency to grab attention.

Attractive — beautiful; pleasant to look at; having a tendency to draw interest.

Positive Adjectives That Start With A That Express Benevolence And Charm

Aboveboard — honest and straightforward; an open book.

Accepting — tolerant; able to come to terms with something.

Accessible — approachable; not out of reach; easy to talk to or make friends with.

Accommodating — adaptable; suitable; willing to meet someone’s needs or desires.

Accordant — compatible; diplomatic; getting along with something.

Adulatory — colorfully flattering or admiring something or someone.

Affable — friendly; benevolent; courteous; easy to talk to or befriend.

Affecting — profoundly moving; deeply touching the emotions.

Affectionate — fond of; overtly showing love and appreciation.

Affective — inciting moods or emotions.

Affirmative — positive; validating something as correct.

Agreeable — acceptable; very pleasant; ready to strike a deal.

Airy — delicate; in high spirits; making light of a situation.

Alacritous — energetic; lively; in a good mood.

Alive — not being inanimate; vigorous; full of energy.

Altruistic — concerned with the well-being of others; acting without self-interest.

Amenable — open-minded; open to discussion and/or suggestion.

Amiable — friendly; easy to like; warm in disposition.

Amicable — pleasant and friendly.

Amusing — fun; humorous; enjoyable.

Apollonian — composed; measured; well-balanced.

Apprehensible — capable of communicating; being easy to understand.

Approachable — accessible; being easy to talk to or cooperate with.

Articulate — being a coherent speaker; being precise and illustrative in matters of speech.

Assistive — being ready and willing to lend aid or support to others.

Assuasive — calming; inspiring peace with one’s very words.

Conclusion: Astonish Anyone With Your Assortment Of Adjectives

Just like the words we’ve gone over, this article also has an end. That fact, however, doesn’t mean that you should immediately forget these positive adjectives that start with A. By all means, use them to your heart’s content, and lift your loved ones’ spirits. A little verbal affection goes a long way, especially when it comes from the heart.

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